Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) – Huh?

Um… This was not something I knew about. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), based on the autobiography of the same name, is about prolific game show producer Chuck Barris (The Dating Game, The Newly Wed Game, and The Gong Show) who claims to have been a contract killer for the CIA.

I never even knew that this was a question? I decided to watch this movie because it stars Sam Rockwell, who is great, and is the first movie to be directed by George Clooney, who is great. But now, I feel like I’m neck deep in conspiracy theories. Chuck Barris was a huge name at the time. Like, imagine if tomorrow an auto biography was released by Guy Fieri where he claims to have been, well, a hitman for the CIA! I feel like that’s all I would talk about for the rest of my life, forever. But, here I am, learning about this today in 2021 from a movie from 2002 based on a book from 1984. How is this not a common trivia question? Is it because it’s likely false? Sure, probably, but that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorist from spreading bullshit before. So why haven’t I heard about this? Again, probably because it’s so obviously not true. Or is it?

Is it true? Was he a contract killer for the CIA? If you ask the CIA, they say no. But, let’s be real, why should we ever trust the CIA about anything? *cough* Second shooter on the grassy knoll *cough*. Well, then there is also the fact that if he was a contract killer, that’s not something you exactly share with the whole world. Unless, that’s what they want us to think! He also said in an interview that he made it up. But, the CIA could’ve made him say that!

All I’m saying is, as I put on my tin foil hat, it’s possible. The guy who came up with the idea for The Dating Game could also be responsible for 33 murders on the order of the CIA. It’s possible.

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