The Sadness

I sink down
Down to the deepest depths of hell
I allow myself to fall
To fall from within
It’s a feeling
When the sadness takes over
You can feel it
It starts in the pit of your stomach
The empty hole that wants to swallow you up
It starts as just a little knot of unpleasantness
Maybe you fight it at first
Maybe you give in right away
I’m a fighter
I try
In the beginning
To not let it take me over
But I know that this fight is over
Before it even began
The hole inside begins to expand
Swallowing more and more of me
Of you
Your passions seem meaningless
People are exhausting
You crave sleep
You crave the darkness that sleep brings
The hole inside of you takes over your whole being
It has you
You begin the fall
The fall into nothingness
The nothingness that will lead you
To Hell
Your own personal hell
The pain and suffering
The sorrow and despair
That you bring to yourself
That you embrace
Secretly you love it
Secretly you hate it
They say you should love yourself
Should you love the part of you that hates you
Should I

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