Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction Wednesday after finding an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged in the case.

Bill Cosby is set to be released from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned on Wednesday.

The question about legalities within what can be used to convict a person of a crime is what caused his release. We also don’t agree with rape victims withholding the reporting of the crimes at the time of occurrence as it only taints the evidence needed to properly convict.

Listen to an op-ed by Tahyira below:

1 thought on “Bill Cosby Is Free

  1. The coordinated efforts to destroy Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and others was a message to all of us. The message is, if you follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding, if you speak about right and wrong, if you believe in the U.S. Constitution and traditional values, but more if you become influential in the world, you will be destroyed. Go against “them,” and they will end you.

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