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With the peak of summer coming up, artists are giving their all to create the songs that will soundtrack your poolside days, barbecues, and even just chill nights in your room. Here are nine rocking songs that came out this month!

Analog Party – “Blind Driver”

The energetic new track from California’s Analog Party draws inspiration from grunge and hard rock while speaking out against escapism and the dangers of ignoring your problems. It encourages listeners to take control of their lives and future, making it a great motivator for those who want to have a productive summer! Get to know Analog Party on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Chaser – “Good Times”

While “Good Times” technically dropped earlier this year, the undeniably aesthetic music video debuted on June 24th, showing the band performing the track in a bar. It’s the fourth single from the punk group’s Dreamers album, and bassist Jesse Stopnitzky describes it as “the perfect song to kick off summer and get back to creating good times of your own.” You can find Chaser on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website!

Deijuvhs – “Scumbag Anthem”

English rebel Vii Zero, who performs as Deijuvhs, merges elements of hip-hop, ska, and rock while telling someone off with “Scumbag Anthem,” which fans of YUNGBLUD and Machine Gun Kelly will probably fall in love with. It’s a great high-energy boost for impromptu midnight dance parties in your room, as well as days where your feelings get you down. Connect with Deijuvhs on Instagram and TikTok!

Katastro – “Droptop”

Arizona natives Katastro offer fans a new preview of their upcoming record Sucker with the boppy “Droptop,” which bassist Ryan Weddle likens to “a late-night ride through parties and endless summer nights.” It’s a slick, lyrically detailed track that definitely warrants a spot on your beach and driving playlists! You can link up with Katastro on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website, and grab tickets to their upcoming US tour here.

LACES – “Almost Happy”

On “Almost Happy,” Jessica Vaughn, who performs under monikers like LACES and JPOLND, opens up about her emotions over a 90s-esque instrumental featuring a guitar solo by Butch Walker. The collaboration comes as a full-circle moment for the artists – Jessica’s first time touring was when Butch took her on the road while she was performing as Charlotte Sometimes. You can find out more about Jessica on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website.

LOVEBREAKERS – “Primary Colours”

“Primary Colours” is the title track off LOVEBREAKERS’ debut record, which came out on June 25th. The British group drew inspiration from the likes of Elvis Costello and The Ramones for the project, which is full of melodic anthems that you’ll fall in love with this summer. Get to know the band on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website!

Micky James – “Shiver”

The verses of “Shiver” feel more melancholy than Micky James’ previous work, but the anthemic chorus delivers that punch of MJ shine fans have fallen in love with since his 2018 debut. The lyrics confront a distant lover while the accompanying music video flickers between desolate nature scenes and a vibrant party set, mirroring the back-and-forth nature of the relationship. You can connect with Micky on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his official website!

Mila Degray – “Ragdoll”

“Ragdoll” has that catchy guitar vibe of The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” with the lyrical pop sensibilities of Echosmith’s “Cool Kids,” making it a perfectly angsty anthem for Gen-Z and anyone trying to reconnect with their grunge-soundtracked teenage years. Miami native Mila Degray told The Luna Collective that the track draws inspiration from her struggles of finding the right crowd, and “Ragdoll” has the potential to help so many in the same situation to feel less alone. Catch up with Mila on Instagram and Twitter!

Typhoid Rosie – “Queen of Swords”

“Queen of Swords” is the anthemic title track of Typhoid Rosie’s fourth studio album, coming this August. The Brooklyn band mostly recorded the song in their homes during COVID-19 quarantine, and even while separated, their spirit and infectious energy shine through. Connect with the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

What was your favorite new release this month?

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