Fireworks Near Me: Murrieta's 4th Of July 2021 | Murrieta, CA Patch

Independence Day has fallen once more, meaning not only is the year halfway over but Macys will be launching their annual fireworks in NYC this year. According to reporter Carla Roman, over 65,000 lighters and fireworks will be shot over the East River in Midtown with patriotic music playing in the background. The event, tentative to begin at 9:25 PM, can be seen on television but, for those NYC inhabitants, can also be viewed in person. Crowds are packed so here are some notable spots for optimal views:

Domino Park, Brooklyn: Located on the other side of the East River, Domino Park not only allows for a scenic city skyline, but also allows for a clear view of the fireworks while avoiding the Midtown traffic. There is also a playground to keep children occupied before the fireworks display and food stands around the area serving hamburgers and hot dogs.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade: The Promenade allows for views of not only the East River but views of the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan. On a clear day, Long Island City could also be seen. There are lots of benches for seating accommodations and a large walkway allowing for numerous viewing spots for the fireworks.

Fornino Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park: The rooftop of Fornino Pier 6 allows for views of both New York and New Jersey firework displays. There are also cocktails, hamburgers, and hot dogs served as spectators absorb the view of the East River. Just ensure you arrive early as seating can be quite limited.

Top of the Box, NYC: Prior to the fireworks display, Top of the Box is hosting a “Fire in the Sky” rooftop party featuring patriotic music (and other types of music) as well as food and alcoholic beverages commemorating the event. “Now that quarantine is over, Top of the Box can host a massive event for July 4 this year”, says Director of Events Joe Torres. Masks, however, may be required.

Pier 17 Rooftop: Located at 89 South Street in Manhattan, Pier 17 overlooks the East River while providing breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge, this time from the Manhattan side. “We invite all New Yorkers and local travelers to celebrate the holiday with us at the Greens on the Rooftop at Pier 17. Guests can look forward to their own personal minilawn and special food and beverage packages for the occasion,” said Andrew Schwartz, a senior vice president at owner Howard Hughes Corp.

Lucille Cruise: Travelling on the water may provide an even clearer view of the fireworks. This year, Lucille is hosting a July 4 cruise for all families, complete with a buffet, bar, and live music and, of course, viewing the fireworks as the boat travels near the East River. Tickets are in short supply, however.

Gantry Plaza State Park: Located in Queens, Gantry Plaza State Park is known for it’s unparelled view of NYC especially as its located along the East River. There are picnic tables, benches, and a playground as well. With such an unobscured view of the city, spectators can enjoy not only the East River fireworks, but the Empire State Building fireworks as well.

Vista Skylounge: This year, Vista Skylounge is hosting a 4th of July party. Tickets, which cost about $40 each, provide for a buffet complete with wine and beer. There are also scenic views of the East River and Queensborough Bridge poviding for sufficient views of the Macys fireworks.

It is no wonder NYC is the “City that Never Sleeps”. NYC takes the celebration very seriously with its performances (this year from Blake Shelton and Coldplay)as well as its hot dog eating contests. So if you live in New York, go outside and enjoy the Independence Day scenery!

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