The Conjuring (2013) – Too Scary

Ah! I do not like horror movies. I do not like them. I do not like getting scared. Why would you want to get scared? That’s so weird. And yet, I keep watching horror movies? Why? Why do I do that to myself? Is it peer pressure? Is it society doing it to me? Whatever it is, I watched The Conjuring (2013) and it is too scary.

I just… I just can’t do this slow burn horror. Where tension is slowly rising and you’re just waiting for a ghost to show up and say “boo”. It just makes me so uncomfortable. The slow build, rising up, with you fully knowing that something bad is about to happen. I don’t like it.

Well, I guess subconsciously I must kind of like it because I keep watching these types of movies. And, I’m about to watch the sequel. But on the surface level, I hate them. Why try to scare people? That’s just mean.

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