Typhoid Rosie Stand Up Against Female Objectification on “Defend Your Temple”

Brooklyn rockers Typhoid Rosie take on sexist media with “Defend Your Temple,” a rousing anthem that contrasts fairytales and insists that everything you need is already inside you. It’s a theme song for a strong modern woman destined to take control of her life in spite of the outdated messages we’re fed throughout our childhood and adolescence.

“I would never sit a little girl down in front of a glowing screen to watch Cinderella,” frontwoman Rosie Rebel insists. “It’s not that I don’t believe in a good love story, it’s just the fact that generations of women have grown up with this idea that if we play dress up, some magical prince will come and save us. It’s a sham fairytale about a girl who cries and waits for other people to come and save her: the mice, a fairy godmother, and finally a prince.”

“As a society we’re so quick to scroll to the next thing, and so quick to discard women, but let’s remember the holy life dwelling inside of our bodies,” she continues. “The body is a temple where that badass goddess lives. Your body, your choice, but remember that some people are so disgusting that all the showers in the world won’t make their ugly soul taint go away, and you don’t want to be stuck with their spiritual shit shmears all over your beautiful soul. Love yourself above all others, and be ready to kick some ass!”

“Defend Your Temple” is the newest glimpse into Queen of Swords, the group’s new album set to come out on August 13th. Along with the earlier single “Queen of Swords,” “Defend Your Temple” establishes Typhoid Rosie as future industry heavyweights who will never stop fighting for what they believe in.

You can presave Queen of Swords here and connect with Typhoid Rosie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

(c) Mark Doyle

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