August 1st to 7th is National Simplify Your Life Week, a time dedicated to organizing, decluttering, and making your routine more efficient. While you can always do this with an afternoon of cleaning and a simple notepad, it can be motivating to treat yourself to something that will help you out. Here are seven fun, practical options!

Persik Pure Sky Magic Deep Cleaning Cloth ($9.99)

Persik’s colorful line of eco-friendly cleaning cloths is your best friend if you’re looking to dust and polish your home, and you can use them dry or with water. Products like the affordable Magic Deep Cleaning Cloth are a lifesaver, catching dust as you clean so it won’t escape and move elsewhere. Other great offerings are the Kitchen Cleaning Scrubbing Pad, Microfiber Car Cloths, and Window/Glass Cleaning Cloth – coming from someone who usually struggles with those pesky streaks on freshly-wiped mirrors, there’s no easier way to clean shiny surfaces in your home! Use code Puresky18% at checkout for a discount.

(c) Persik

Spirit Daughter Daily Journal ($32)

This adorable guided journal from Spirit Daughter is perfect for anyone looking to be more mindful about their routines and lifestyle. The pages include activities like gratitude lists, goal mapping, and inspirational quotes, and since they’re undated, there’s no pressure if you miss a few days. You can just hop right back in when you’re ready and move at your own pace!

Go Getter Girl Undated Wire Signature 5 in 1 Planner ($67)

In a similar vein, Go Getter Girl’s fun planners combine calendars, reflective journaling, and goal-setting to help you get one step closer to your dream self. Their adorable designs will motivate you to use the book more often and boost your productivity! For planners on a budget, GGG also offers more affordable products like sticker sheets and sticky notes that you can use on their own or in a bullet journal.

(c) Go Getter Girl

PopSockets PopWallet+ ($25-40)

The latest innovation from PopSockets comes in the PopWallet+, a colorful wallet you can attach to your phone to keep up to three credit cards handy without having to carry a bulkier clutch. Certain MagSafe styles even easily detach for wireless charging, and you can swap out the Pop Top to change the grip’s design. For pop culture lovers, the wallet comes in Pusheen, Disney, and Marvel styles, while logos for the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants let sports fans rep their favorite teams.

(c) PopSockets

1Thrive Wall Organizers ($139-199)

With so many people working and learning from home last year, it became even more apparent that it’s crucial to have a tidy workspace and mind. Take your home office and productivity to the next level with a sleek wall organizer from 1Thrive – different components include calendars, special dry erase boards, and cork boards, which you can move around to make your own. If you want something personalized, you can design your own board to meet your needs! 

(c) 1Thrive

Your Oil Tools Make & Take Kits ($2.99)

Essential oils have become a wellness classic in the past few years, and Your Oil Tools aims to help you make the most out of them! Their Make & Take kits are perfect for anyone new to the craft, ranging in topics from pain relief, to self-love, to cleaning solutions. Have fun mixing your favorite scents and discovering new uses for your oil collection! And if oils aren’t your thing, check out their jewelry and personal care collections.

(c) Your Oil Tools

NOTIQ Vegan Agenda Cover ($115-159)

You may be sensing a pattern here, but planners really are a great tool to keep up with everything going on in your life! NOTIQ’s sleek agenda covers give you a gorgeous base to customize with special inserts and notepads. Their products are made with human-made vegan leather and NOTIQ donates a portion of their revenue to programs that support female creatives and help underprivileged people in developing countries. If the covers are out of your budget, or if you buy one and want fun accessories to complement it, you can check out their chic planner insert notepads, pretty tech sleeves, and stunning pencil cases!


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