Joe Piotrowski Knows Not Even the “Prom Queen” Has a Perfect Life

A bittersweet tale of not judging a person by their cover, Joe Piotrowski’s “Prom Queen” tells the story of a popular girl who seems to have it all until her boyfriend cheats on her. The song’s vivid lyrics describe how she feels as her life crumbles, making “Prom Queen” a moving track with an important, poignant message.

“This song is another one of my favorites off the new record,” Piotrowski shares with TREMG. “It was one of the fastest I wrote and I think the second half of the first verse are some of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written.”

“Prom Queen” is Piotrowski’s first release since May’s “Good Morning,” a sunny track about staying positive that draws from artists like Jon Bellion while still feeling fresh and unique. Both songs will appear on his fourth full-length album, Good Morning, which serves as a follow-up to his 2020 record Cautionary

You can check out “Prom Queen” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Joe Piotrowski on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

Photo via Joe Piotrowski.

One response to “Joe Piotrowski Knows Not Even the “Prom Queen” Has a Perfect Life”

  1. […] explore and step into his identity more than ever. This exploration is some of the most daring of Piotrowski’s career so far, pushing him into new territory while still maintaining who he is at his core. […]

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