Cassyette Takes Back Her Life on High-Octane Single “Petrichor”

Cassyette regains control over her headspace and experience on “Petrichor,” a rousing track inspired by her own struggles and blessings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Named after the smell in the air after rain, the song describes turning your life around after difficulty and tragedy, the perfect anthem for a post-pandemic world.

“After losing my dad and being unable to see anyone over lockdown, I spiraled into a dark place,” Cassyette admits. “It took a lot for me to feel happiness again. A few months back, my best friend had a baby (my goddaughter) and when she was born, I wrote ‘Petrichor.’ How we have the power to regenerate our mindset and push ourselves through dark times because there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s about turning over a new leaf. A fresh start. One life ends and another begins.”

Cassyette previously teased a stripped-down version of the song on TikTok, receiving over 3.5 million views in just a few days:


PRE SAVE ‘Petrichor’ OUT SEPT 8TH 🖤💜🌪⛈ #newmusic #petrichor #cassyette

♬ Petrichor – Cassyette

Perfect for fans of rockers like Halestorm and New Years Day, Cassyette manages to create showstopping, stadium-worthy tracks that still ring personal and connect with listeners. It’s no surprise that her upcoming show in London on September 23rd is already sold out, and she’ll later command the crowd at Download Festival in June 2022, playing on the same day as greats like Iron Maiden and Mastodon. 

You can find “Petrichor” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Cassyette on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

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