Carol Ades expresses her regrets after the end of a relationship on “Unlearn Me,” a self-reflective track that describes her mistakes in the romance while expressing hopes for the future they may still be able to have together. In a similar vein to Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” Ades hopes her lover will remember the good memories they shared together with raw, evocative lyrics that show her despair.

“‘Unlearn Me’ is the result of the end of a really tumultuous breakup where I wasn’t really the good guy,” Ades explains. “At the very end, I wished so badly that I could erase everything that went wrong and start over as a version of myself that would have done so many things different. That’s obviously not how it works, but I was still grieving this relationship after so long. It felt like one of the last things I had to say to myself and the other person about it before I really started to move forward. It’s a really cathartic song for me and still breaks my heart a little every time I listen to it.”

Ades filmed the visuals in the song’s lyric video herself, which she recorded after the breakup that inspired the song. It complements the vulnerability she puts forward in the lyrics in a way that will tug at the viewer’s heartstrings.

“I was just really upset one night in the midst of my breakup and was so annoyed that I was still so upset and crying so much that I decided to film it on photo booth with the idea that I could make it a video one day,” Ades shares. “I didn’t come back to the video until months later and I was happy I saved it, but it’s a really hard video for me to watch. I don’t think I ever want to watch it again because I was so sad.” 

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