KULICK Explores Mortality and His Life Views on Energetic “Time To Go”

KULICK reflects on youthful memories and destructive vices on “Time To Go,” a bouncy pop-rock track that’s perfect for late night car rides and nights with friends. With vivid lyrics and an infectious guitar riff, you’ll have it stuck in your head faster than you can remember your own teenage rebellion.

“‘Time To Go’ is specifically about my own mortality, my upbringing, how I used to live life, and realizing how much control I have over my attitude and perspective on life,” KULICK explains. “I really do love life and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready when it’s time to go.”

As the first single from KULICK’s upcoming Everyone I Know Will Die EP, “Time To Go” sets the stage for an introspective, yet not too heavy, project that explores life and its fragility. The EP is the follow-up to his 2020 album Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood and the companion project Sitting in a Quiet Coffeehouse, which reimagines five of the tracks in a world of fluttery acoustics.

“I have struggled with the idea of death and mortality my entire life, and continue to do so,” KULICK admits. “This year, I was forced to face it head-on when I became the caretaker of a loved one as they began to and continue to battle a series of health issues. Life changed very drastically and as I started to process that, these songs emerged. I felt a familiar angst and anger that I had when I first experienced these thoughts and emotions while growing up, and wanted it to sonically tell that story as well. The overall theme of the EP is about growing up, getting through difficult times, and accepting your own timeline and what life hands you.”

You can find “Time To Go” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with KULICK on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his official website! You can also catch him on tour with The Spill Canvas this fall.

iTunes Artwork for 'Time to Go - Single (by Kulick)'
Single art by April Rose Gabrielli.

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