How to Become a Writer

First, think of who you want to be. Who do you want to dedicate the next couple years of your life to as you mimic their lifestyle in hopes of becoming the next number one? You answer the question as it comes around to you, “What do you want to be when you are older?” You say, “A writer.” People stare, and you stare back. They laugh, but you don’t laugh. People repeat similar careers to feel better about themselves: astronaut, lawyer, and doctor. You know they will probably all end up on the street, so you don’t say anything. Don’t want to make enemies so early in your life.

As high school rolls around, your passion for writing is stronger now. Short stories you have written about broken families and horror scenarios fill most of the notebooks you have in your room. You tried to read parts to your friends, but all they do is laugh and wonder if you are okay. You will never show them again. Maybe writing wasn’t for you after all. You observe different passions, a sport or club that doesn’t involve writing. You fall in love and change your career as a future psychologist. You don’t write anymore. Instead, you focus on your studies. It’s tedious, but you don’t care. It will make more people proud if you do this.

College comes faster than you expected, and the time has come to pick your major. You ended high school with straight A’s and psychology on your mind, but things have changed. Writing came back to your mind after you graduated and still finds its way into your thoughts as you scroll over the options for your major. The decision comes to you fast, and without hesitation, you chose English – Creative Writing as your major. Whether you will regret this choice later in life has yet to be found out, but for now, you are happy. 

One response to “How to Become a Writer”

  1. jimnavymangmailcom Avatar

    great story, sounds like it may be a true story, well done, oh, and proud of you

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