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A Beautiful Mess

*Warning: for matured audiences only. This is a complete work of FICTION. I watch him intently as I lick and suck on my lollipop, waiting for him to acknowledge my work. He loosens his tie when he walks in, wiping his tainted fingers in a handkerchief I bought from Sally’s. I cross my bare legs…

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Floral Renaissance

I decided to write a story centered around flowers. I tried to add some sort of meaning to it, but I think I enjoyed writing the character learning about the significance of the flowers the most. I hope you readers enjoy!

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Traverse Town

(From: Kingdom Hearts) I really do enjoy the music from this world. It's the main reason I kept coming back to the game. I also love how to town is always at night. it gives it an infinite sense of mystery to me. I hope you readers can enjoy this just as much as I did!

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Grape Gardens

When I have trouble writing, I sit down and listen to video game music and write whatever words come to mind. The only editing I do to these is making sure that words are spelled correctly. (From: Kirby's Return To Dream Land) I hope you can enjoy!

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The Lives In Town

I was trying to go for a narratvie that collects different perspectives together of different peoples lives. I'm not sure if I did a good job, but I might continue this one day. I hope you readers can enjoy!

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Another piece I did for my artist friends! Enjoy!

Character Plumm and man that ate the frying pan belongs to (GuardianAngelAli)

Character Leslie belongs to (Chrismason_01)

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Leave Us Alone!

This is my first post here on TREMG and I'm still trying to learn how to write on here. I'll mainly be posting short stories that I've written off of small ideas, or concepts I think about executing further. I hope those who read enjoy! Editor:MekarComics

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Why I Kill

People ask me why I take pleasure in killing men. What is it about the crime that makes my toes curl, my eyes darken? Why do I enjoy taking their power away, the one thing that makes them men? Why do I crave their blood, feast on their pain, thirst their screams and their heartless,…

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Who Am I?

Who am I? That’s a question that has remained in my mind for years. Every morning I wake up and perform the same routine, and a part of this is looking at my reflection. However, I can’t see myself. I raise my hand and try to wipe the dewy film-like substance that fogs the mirror,…

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The Uninvited Guest

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he demands, pinning me against the wall. He grips my chin with such force, it almost gives me a fright. I’m not supposed to be here, if that wasn’t obvious enough. He made that perfectly clear this morning with his hand around my throat, ensured there would be…

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Remember Us, Always

I take a small sip of this champagne, feeling it warm my senses as it travels down my throat, attempting to smile at each guest my husband introduces me to, all the guests he does business with. Most are men of course, their wives by their sides, smoothing their tuxes as they shake my hand…

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How to Become a Writer

First, think of who you want to be. Who do you want to dedicate the next couple years of your life to as you mimic their lifestyle in hopes of becoming the next number one? You answer the question as it comes around to you, “What do you want to be when you are older?”…

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A Fair Game to Play

*A dark, chilling fiction short story for the Halloween season I can feel it in my bones; the rage, the anger, manifesting deep inside my blood, a thirsty beast in its cage. I have this urge, you see, to have you kneel before me and beg, to draw blood from your fragile flesh with the…

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A Story for the Heartbroken

This is a story written for a broken heart. This is a story that will give you hope. *** This is a story for you who thinks you are not good enough. You who look in the mirror and see nothing but the words they call themselves. A blackened reflection of what was.  This is…

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