This is a story written for a broken heart. This is a story that will give you hope.


This is a story for you who thinks you are not good enough. You who look in the mirror and see nothing but the words they call themselves. A blackened reflection of what was. 

This is a story where the mother understands your mental trauma and tries to be there for you. Wishing nothing but your heart to be fixed by another who is worth your time. A mother who tends to your every need as she changes your tear-stained pillowcase. Allowing you to lay in her lap as she brushes your hair away from your face, whispering your worth with the sweetness of handmade candy. It may not taste perfect, but you can tell there was effort behind her words.

This is a story where the father doesn’t stand back. He takes you into his car to do what you hate most, confrontation. A father who doesn’t mean any harm but that wants to do his best for his daughter. You stay in the car as he confronts your heartbreaker. Screaming about the moral crimes committed by their child. It is a story where you don’t cry but listen.

This is a story where the cheater is also listening to your father. Nodding their head to each and every insult given. They don’t talk back. They don’t complain. They just let your father remind him of what they had lost. It’s a story where they don’t avoid eye contact but instead stare at your father head-on, showing their attentiveness. Their once distant eyes switch their focus from him to you as your father finishes his rage, hands bawled into shaking fists. The eyes that once showed you loved now show disappointment. Not for you. But for themselves.

This is a story where the car ride home is silent. The air is still, but not with tension, with relief. While you didn’t confront, then you got the apology you needed. Their eyes that were devoid of life showed their mistake, and you forgave them. 

There were tears in this story, but you learned to dry them and pick yourself back up. You suffered loss, but you gained the ability to move on. Nothing is worse than cheating, that is for sure, but to allow yourself to drown is a fate worse than death. 

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