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I Did It Again

I did it again. One of the things I can’t seem to forgive myself for is how easy it is for men to fall romantically out of love for me. I use to believe that I was easy to love, harder to leave. But I was lied to. The truth is harder to hear. I…

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First Heartbreak 2018

It’s a cruel scene, a tragedy to feel such a way, for a woman to experience a ruing pain. I’ve never felt so broken and betrayed, never sobbed so recklessly that my lungs could barely breathe. They asked about love and the meaning of it, and I truly believed I had it, that I was…

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When Love…Fades

So, you met somebody. And maybe you weren’t expecting it at the time. You gave your heart so many chances to be rebuilt by past lovers who could barely hold a small piece that broke off from someone else before. You didn’t feel like trying for what seemed like the millionth time again only to…

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