Heartbreak is, unfortunately, part of the human experience. Whether you’re in your teens or you made it past the “young romance” stage, there’s a decent chance you’ve had that one soul-crushing breakup that made you doubt whether love can last. While true love is certainly out there, we know that sometimes you just need to wallow in the hurt for a while. But don’t do it alone – use these six songs as a flotation device to hold on to!

Babygirl – “Born With a Broken Heart”

Perfectly relatable for anyone going through a tough time, “Born With a Broken Heart” discusses bad luck after a string of misery with a pretty, vintage flair. The duo explains, “This is one of our favorite pieces of music we’ve ever made together. We were inspired a lot by the intimacy and simplicity of 50’s and 60’s country/Americana.” You can connect with Babygirl on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!


A standout track on their Puppies Forever album (as well as the source for the record’s title), “I HATE BEING IN LOVE” shows a new, more vulnerable side of BLACKSTARKIDS compared to earlier singles like the energetic “JUNO.” Like much of their work, “I HATE BEING IN LOVE” has a retro flair, almost reminiscent of The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love,” that allows the group to pay homage to their nostalgic influences while being uniquely themselves. Get to know BLACKSTARKIDS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

BROODS – “Heartbreak”

New Zealand sibling duo BROODS choose to see a painful situation as an opportunity for personal growth on “Heartbreak,” a bass-heavy track that shows off their introspective songwriting and immersive production. Following “Piece Of My Mind,” “Heartbreak” sets the stage for their upcoming record Space Island, out in February 2022, to be a psychedelic exploration of the human experience. Learn more about BROODS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

Highbeams – “Campfires”

This folk track from Highbeams is a bittersweet acceptance of losing someone you love, offering a mellow soundtrack for some of the hardest times of people’s lives. The song addresses the grief-filled moments without dwelling on the negatives of such situations, so if you need a boost, Highbeams have got you. You can connect with the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website

‘Campfires’ is a driving folk-rock song that showcases the pain of separation and depicts loss as both final, as well as nuanced, rather than black and white, with both sides having a long-lasting love for the other.


The Neverlutionaries – “Stardusted”

The Neverlutionaries take on casual relationships and one-night stands on “Stardusted,” an ironically hopeful song that accepts these encounters for what they are instead of trying to mold them into a longer-lasting partnership. It’s both fatalistic and nonchalant, perfect for anyone dealing with mixed emotions after heartbreak. Find out more about The Neverlutionaries on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website!

One could say the song is a social commentary on modern love compared to the idea of love and relationships that our parents, etc., grew up on. I find that in modern times, convenient sexual situations exist more than the old-school idea of true love.

Christopher Harold Wells

Yumi Zouma – “Mona Lisa”

Yumi Zouma move past an unhealthy situation on “Mona Lisa,” an indie rock anthem that doesn’t sound too gritty – it’s brimming with fluttering vocals and airy melodies to offer some contrast to the harsh feelings and guitar sounds. The New Zealand group brings an eccentric energy to a universal subject, making it a unique track anyone can relate to. You can link up with Yumi Zouma on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and their website!

It’s a song that ruminates on conflicting, shifting uncertainty – of wanting someone that maybe you can’t have – of uncertain boundaries, of confusing interactions, misunderstanding, yearning. Trying to forget an obsession – or shifting between losing all hope and giving in to the obsession – lured back by the excitement and promise – the moments of feeling so alive. The terror and joy of a big crush.  

Vocalist and keyboardist Christie Simpson

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