People are walking out of everything lately in the states. The latest would be transgendered employees working at Netflix Inc.’s headquarters in Los Angeles. Netflix bosses are braced for an employee walkout and rally in Los Angeles as anger swells over a recent Dave Chappelle comedy special that activists say is harmful to the transgender community.

The target is a Dave Chappelle special entitled “The Closer” that is currently streaming. In the special, Chappelle engages his audience in his misunderstanding surrounding white trans males. “Aren’t you just big breasted bitch with a fat dick”, Chappelle says at one point in the show. If you watched the entire special, and if you know much about Chappelle’s use of comedy, you would probably disagree with the company culture at Netflix. He spoke candidly about knowing a trans comic who he has now brought under his wing. Chappelle is known for bridging conversational gaps between middle class white people and black people.

His previous special targeted the racist cops and the broken criminal justice system in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Comedy has long been an ice breaker for racially charged exchanges about our different realities inside America. In “The Closer” Chappelle makes space for safety, accepting his own ignorance furthermore creating an environment that accepts everyone regardless if you agree with the way they opt to live or not.

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