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Bar offering no alcohol opens in Iowa City

Iowa City, Iowa-A new tavern is under construction in Iowa and Co-founder Amber Haines has some interesting ideas of what beverages to serve their guests. Haines promises that the bar will include an arcade, pool hall, karaoke, pizza, cocktails, and water but “absolutely no alcohol”. Alcohol is a staple in almost all taverns around the country, so KCRG-TV was interested in deciphering Haine’s reasoning behind the lack of booze.

“I am four years sober, I don’t drink”, Haines explained to the news outlet. “I still like to go out and socialize. I still like to dance and sing karaoke, believe it or not. Sober karaoke, that is. So I just thought, ‘Why couldn’t there be a place like this?’. Especially around a college so we could be there for the 18 to 21-year-old crowd? My point of this no-alcohol policy is to show that a bar can be more of a social atmosphere, especially during these difficult times. We’re hoping we can be that place for underage college students”.

According to Haines, the business set its sights on Iowa city after opening its first tavern in Davenport the year prior. Furthermore, this bar will be partnering with the University of Iowa itself to encourage its students to attend the bar and be “properly social”. Manager Amanda O Donnell admits she is interested in these unique terms and conditions: “I definitely hadn’t heard of anything like this before. I didn’t even know there were so many options that you could try or choose and still have a bar-like feel”.

Reactions of the Iowa population, however, are quite mixed. Some like the idea of no alcohol as speech is “incoherent and nonsensical” when under the substance. However, other users have commented that “Alcohol is one of the most important ingredients in a cocktail, not only because of the taste but also because it forces you to drink slowly and thereby appreciate the drink more. Otherwise, people would drink this stuff like a juice. I don’t see how a bar like this will be any fun at all”. With such differing opinions, it is unknown how successful this tavern will become.

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