Shop Your New Year’s Resolutions With These 8 Helpful Products

‘Tis the season for improving your lifestyle, and while New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep up with, adding a little shopping incentive could be the push you need to stick to your goals. Here are some of our picks for useful products that will help motivate you to push for your resolutions! Although we gotta admit, if your resolution is to shop less, this list of must-haves might be too tempting. 

Eat Healthily

If you’re anything like us, you spend at least ten minutes a day scrolling through Pinterest for recipe ideas and motivation to eat more veggies. But if you’re like us, you also get discouraged when you flip through your grocery store’s weekly flyer and see how expensive it can be to shop well. Imperfect Foods gives you the perfect solution at an affordable price! Their subscription-based grocery service offers everything from lean proteins to mindful snacks and even household products. They keep your costs down in the produce department by offering those less-pretty fruits and vegetables that stores deny, which helps prevent food waste while giving you a scrumptious deal.

(c) Imperfect Foods

A small daily change you can make to get your eating (and food spending) on track is to bring a homemade lunch to work or school rather than ordering takeout or stopping into a trendy café. You can pack dinner leftovers, a colorful salad, or a yummy sandwich with your favorite deli meats for healthy proteins. And what better motivation than Stojo’s collapsible containers? Grab one (or a whole set) in your favorite color and you can just collapse them for easy storage in your bag until you get home to wash them. We’re hungry just thinking of all the delicious treats we can pack in these!

(c) Stojo

Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to keep water or another healthy drink nearby, whether you’re around the house or in the office. And as crisp as store-bought water can taste, it’s not the most sustainable or budget-friendly option to buy plastic bottles every week when you have a faucet in your home. You can easily and quickly filter tap water with Hydros’ sleek water bottles and pitchers! They pride themselves on filtering water five times faster than other brands, so you won’t miss a beat while waiting for your container to fill. For a yummy addition, you could even throw in fruits like strawberries and lemon to give your water some more flavor.

(c) Hydros

If you’re constantly on the go or exercising, Urban Armor Gear is a great durable option that you can take to the gym or on a hike. Their Purist water bottle can hold 22 ounces of your favorite drink to keep you hydrated and energized wherever you are. It’s flexible and leakproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling it in the car or on a bike ride! We love the sleek yet tough design and the rich colors the bottle comes in.

(c) Urban Armor Gear

Get Organized 

One of our annual essentials is a nice planner, which you can use to keep track of work and family obligations, birthdays, personal goals, and even more. If you want a planner that goes above and beyond your typical calendar, HerSpace Co. has you covered with their Layered Living planner. Filled with neat monthly calendars, motivating mental health exercises, adorable stickers, and everything else you need to make 2022 your year, HerSpace Co. knows exactly what helps a modern woman achieve her goals!

(c) HerSpace Co.

For your office or home workspace, 1Thrive’s wall organizers will keep your tasks sorted with tools like dry erase panels, chalkboards, and even file holders to keep important papers nearby. You can choose from their gorgeous selection of premade organizers or easily customize your own on their site. Your future self with definitely thank you when you see an increase in productivity!

(c) 1Thrive

Prioritize Self-Care 

Part of the secret to self-care is to make a routine out of it, whether you hold yourself to washing your face every morning or commit to using your favorite serum every night before bed. As soon as you try Prato Botanico’s Enriching Night Cream, you’ll be transported to the Tuscan countryside! Made with 99.2% natural ingredients, the vegan formula is hydrating and nourishing without feeling oily or heavy, making it the perfect everyday product you’ll fall in love with. You’ll see a difference almost instantly as it makes your skin radiant after just the first use. You can finish off your skincare with a quick swipe of their moisturizing lip balm or complement it with their Smoothing Day Cream.

(c) Prato Botanico

For the ultimate spa experience, look no further than Curie’s yummy whipped body wash and shaving cream, which you can try out in a kit of all three scents they offer! Whether the Grapefruit Cassis, Orange Neroli, or White Tea option is your favorite, you’ll get a nourishing combo of entirely clean ingredients with entirely recyclable packaging. And since it’s not a liquid, you can take Curie on your next vacation without dreading TSA holdups. Whether you’re on a trip or in your own shower, Curie will turn bathing into a luxury voyage.

(c) Curie

What’s your new year’s resolution? Have you tried any of these products? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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