KAN and TRIP, are two anime characters who love watching animation… They asked us not to reveal this secret but,,, now you know .. enjoy!

( The scene takes place at TRIP’s house, for more details plz contact TRIP )

KAN ( singing ): Trip my love .. I love… looveee youuu

TRIP: Me too!! Hey, dude what is love?

KAN: It is when you answer:  me tooooo

TRIP ( laughing):  Oh how easy, me tooooo, me, me, me tooooo

KAN : Shhhhhhhhhh It’s never easy… never

TRIP ( confused ): How many times have you, fallen in love, I mean much in love with me?

KAN: Shhhhhhhhhhh It’s never easy

TRIP: Didn’t you send me a bouquet of Jasmin last Thursday?

KAN: I can send it on Friday next week if this helps shut your mouth

TRIP( laughing ):   Hahaha …  Btw, I have read a book today about a stranger

KAN: Ha? a stranger?

TRIP: Yeaaa??

KAN: hmm so you read a book

TRIP: Yeaa a book.  It is said that in the other world, love dies before the beloved

KAN: Wow. Impressing!

TRIP: Let’s go there

KAN: Ah, it’s such a terrible and scary place, I don’t want to die, dear

TRIP: ( confused ): Scary?!

KAN: Yes, it is inhabited by the human race

TRIP: Humans? Ah, I’ve heard of them.. how do you spell it?


TRIP ( thinking ): H U M A N S … sounds good. Let’s go!

To be continued… see you : )

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