Ah, Valentine’s Day! Either a day of appreciation between you and a lover, a solo time of relaxation and self-love, or the dreaded day where you’re reminded of that ex you don’t want to float into your train of thought. No matter how you’re spending V-Day, you can boost your mood with the ultimate love-filled, or love-resistant, playlist. Here are 6 tracks that even Cupid would jam out to, ranging from rockstar romances to butterflies between co-workers gone wrong!

Machine Gun Kelly – “bloody valentine”

Naturally, MGK’s pop-punk anthem “bloody valentine” is our first choice for a rocking V-Day, and it pretty much shows off the power of manifestation. The song was originally inspired by Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, but thanks to a Megan Fox-assisted music video and their whirlwind romance following the premiere, it’s become a sweet celebration of their love for each other. You can relate to the lyrics if you’re already in love, and if not, you can hope for a future relationship as passion-filled as Kells and Megan’s. 

Guyville – “Should’ve Never Dated”

Fresh off the presses is Guyville’s new indie rock track “Should Have Never Dated,” an account of what goes through your head when you regret being in a vulnerable relationship with someone. Members Emily Hulslander and Kat Hamilton take turns sharing their woes and frustration, making the song feel like a conversation on a cozy night in with friends, reflecting on past memories and hoping to convince them they deserve better, while possibly biting back an “I told you so.” Emily and Kat’s bond makes “Should Have Never Dated” an electrifyingly enlightening perspective of a breakup after the dust settles and you start picking up the pieces.

We had both had bad experiences of dating music collaborators and bandmates. We both talked about how we wished we had kept those relationships platonic. This camaraderie is really the basis of our musical partnership. It was really fun for me to bring my queer experience to the track. It was a cool way to highlight the ways Emily and I had similar problems in mixing work with pleasure, regardless of the gender of our lovers.

Kat Hamilton

Sitting On Stacy – “This Summer’s Day”

If you’re happily in love this V-Day, Sitting On Stacy’s latest single is the perfect indie rock vibe to describe the butterflies and appreciation you hopefully feel for your partner. It’d be the ideal soundtrack for a cutesy picnic, a nice dinner, or even just hanging out together at home. It’ll also get you thinking about a bright and sunny future with the one you love the most – isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Maybe your next big date will be checking out one of their shows with The Aquadolls in March or April… 

Honestly, it’s a love song. It’s about the initial spark you get in a relationship. You’re stoked on life because this person is everything you ever wanted.

Sitting On Stacy

The Aquadolls – “Cry Baby”

The Aquadolls, who we previously named as both “badass women in rock you need to be listening to” and a group you need to watch in 2022, bring back the past in the best way possible on “Cry Baby,” which manages to effortlessly blend 60s and 70s influences with a spunky, No Doubt-tinged attitude. If you’re hopelessly crushing on someone this Valentine’s, “Cry Baby” will make you feel less alone in your loneliness while playing up the thrill of a new potential romance. The Aquadolls will be hitting the road with Sitting On Stacy later this year, so grab your tickets to the co-headlining tour here!

’Cry Baby’ tells the story of an emotional hopeless romantic going to a rock concert and instantly falling in love with the badass guitarist. They imagine what it would be like to be involved with them, even if it’s just for one night.

Lead singer Melissa Brooks

YUNGBLUD – “love song”

One of YUNGBLUD’s more mellow songs sees him admitting to a partner that he’s not sure how to love them or himself. It’s a tender display of vulnerability and the purest kind of love, where you don’t want to lose them but you’re willing to accept your faults and hope you can make up for them elsewhere. His soaring vocals on the bridge are some of his most impressive to date, and it makes total sense why “love song” is already a fan-favorite track!

My Chemical Romance – “Summertime”

“Summertime” is one of My Chemical Romance’s only pure love songs, seemingly inspired by lead singer Gerard Way’s relationship with Lyn-Z Way. The lyrics include cute nods to their tradition of writing messages on their arms to connect with each other during shows, as well as an overall message of caring and loving someone wholeheartedly.

What songs will you be blasting this V-Day? Will you be sharing the AUX with someone special this year? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Click here for more romantic song recs and get some last-minute Valentine’s gift ideas here.

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