Kandiss Taylor New Bus Tour Stops Include Firefighter Event at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor is reaching more and more Georgians as the Washington outsider shares her hopeful message. She will be making more stops this Thursday, March 17, Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19 in her campaign bus tour throughout all 159 counties in Georgia.

Calling All Patriots! Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor is adding more stops to her bus tour through Georgia, to connect with supporters, and share her optimistic view about her home state and what she can contribute as a Washington outsider. This round of bus tour stops will begin on Thursday, March 17 at 8:30 am in Monroe, GA, which is in Walton County, and will conclude on Saturday, March 19 at 5 pm at a smoked pig fundraising dinner in Dallas, GA, located in Paulding County. There will be thirteen stops in total during those two days. On Taylor’s website, supporters are being asked to sponsor the tour by the mile if at all possible. Below are the flyers, which include all dates and locations:

Kandiss Taylor grassroots Georgia governor
Kandiss Taylor for governor
Kandiss Taylor election 2022

“I don’t trust our elected officials, they are not serving our public,” says the mother and longtime Georgia school administrator regarding her motivation for running for political office. “And it isn’t personal; I have met the other candidates and from what I know they seem to be very nice people,” Taylor continues. “But it isn’t about being nice. It’s about are you going to stand up for the will of the people, are you not going to compromise, are you going to honor the Constitution one hundred percent of the time. Or are you going to sit there and sell jobs to China, and push Chinese solar panels all over the state of Georgia and take up our farmland.”

Taylor says she wants the people of Georgia to have a voice again. “It’s not about me. If the people of Georgia want something, as a majority of people, then that’s what they get. I have more power in my own body right now as a Georgian than I will as governor, because then I will have your power [of the people. Not my power.”

For this reason, Taylor stands with the people of Georgia by opposing projects like the plan to build an oversized Rivian warehouse, which would be located in Morgan & Walton Counties, adjacent to Newton and Jasper Counties. Since the plant would sit on 2,000 acres of land, that would make it five times the size of the Tesla auto assembly plant in Fremont, California. Taylor has noted that there are other areas in the vast Peachtree state where this plant could be installed, without wreaking so much havoc on Georgia’s small towns, rural life and natural environment.

As a native of Georgia, Taylor believes it is the most beautiful state in the nation, and fully intends on protecting its valuable agriculture industry. “We have beaches, we have metro, and our number one business is agriculture. It’s a billion-dollar industry, and this is why China wants us so bad.”

Taylor is the only gubernatorial candidate in Georgia who investigated the reported fraud from the 2020 election herself. She pulled tabulator tapes, made open records requests, and consulted with the people involved with the full forensic audit in Arizona to find out how to get the same type of audit going in Georgia. The current governor Brian Kemp has yet to give the go-ahead for such an audit to happen.

At a press conference that just took place on March 7, VoterGA presented a 15-point analysis that can be verified through public ballot images at GAballots.com or other sites. Here are just a few of the issues presented in the 15-point analysis: 1) All 374,128 in-person ballot images for the original count are missing 2) 4,000+ tabulator images have impossible time stamps 3) 85 closing tapes for 12,024 Election Day ballots are unsigned or missing. Find out more at VoterGA.org.

For the 2022 election, Taylor is urging voters to vote using via absentee paper ballot, and turn the ballots in on Election Day in person, since there have been so many issues with the voting machines.

Three of the core issues Taylor is building her campaign around are: Jesus, guns and babies. The first issue, Jesus, refers to how America was founded on Christian principles and Georgia is located in the Bible belt. “There’s no debating the fact that when we stuck by those Christian principles we were more unified and America as a whole thrived more economically, socially, culturally and politically.”

While Taylor plans to enforce the tenets of religious freedom, she understands that not everyone believes in Jesus, and that is ok, because “you can still have the American dream and pursue capitalism” under her administration, no matter who you are. Taylor simply stands by what she believes in, because she says she would not be here and would not have everything she has if it wasn’t for her relationship with the Lord.

The second core issue of Taylor’s campaign, guns, refers to our second amendment. America’s Founding Fathers implemented the second amendment to protect the citizens from the inevitability of a tyrannical government. Taylor feels that this protection is more important today than ever, given the current circumstances in our country. “If you are voting to put limits on my gun rights, you are not a conservative,” says Taylor. “We are free because we are armed.”

Taylor’s third core issue is babies. This refers not only to abortion, heartbeat bills, and the right to life from conception and onwards; it also touches on human trafficking. Having been in the school system for the past twenty years, mostly as a school administrator, Taylor has been heavily involved in the fight against human trafficking. “I fought for the neediest population in Georgia,” says Taylor.

Taylor’s experience in the school system and familiarity with how the bureaucracy works also makes her an ideal candidate to manage the issue of critical race theory in the school system that has Georgian parents very concerned. The most effective way to end this trend is to see to ensure that teachers that are caught using these methods in the classroom are hit with the code of ethics. “It’s not an ethics violation now, but it will be when I’m governor,” says Taylor.

Taylor has been offered money on several occasions to get out of the race. But she stands her ground. “We need normal people to run and serve and come home,” she says. Taylor refers to “systemic politicians” as one of Georgia’s biggest issues. “So we run for this, we go here and we go there, and we wait our turn…It isn’t anybody’s turn, it’s the best person that’s willing to serve at the time. Whoever that is.”

Kandiss Taylor grassroots Georgia governor

On February 26, Taylor’s bus tour stopped in Newton/Baker County. Grant Snowden, a district manager on Taylor’s campaign, recalled an emotional and passionate interaction with a supporter:

“One man gave Kandiss a check and I saw tears well up in his eyes as he thanked her for doing what she was doing. When Kandiss moved on and started talking to a family of four, that man said to me, ‘come on and walk over to my truck for a minute.’ So I did; he had a four-door truck and opened the back doors and handed me two huge packages of toilet paper and a box of hand wipes. I thanked the man and told him that it would come in good use on the bus for Kandiss. As I was about to take the stuff on the bus, the man told Kandiss, ‘that’s to clean up the Georgia Capital your first day in there!’”

For more information on the campaign or to become a volunteer, or to interview Taylor yourself, please contact Kandiss Taylor’s campaign scheduler, Christi Maude. Her email is CHRISTI.maude@yahoo.com and her phone number is 912 312 4091.

For more information about Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor online, or to donate, please visit www.kandisstaylor.com.

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