TOMORROW X TOGETHER break our hearts in all the best ways possible with Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, their latest mini-album that gives us five incredible, high-energy tracks. The EP’s concept follows a boy after he deals with a catastrophic breakup, and the songs follow his journey from heartache to angst and a world more. 

The boys of TXT kicked off their new era with the title track “Good Boy Gone Bad,” which captures the anger and frustration present after a relationship ends. From the vocals to the choreography and visuals, we’re absolutely blown away by this comeback. We really think this might be the group’s best work to date!

And as excited as we are, we know we’re far from being the only ones celebrating this release. So we thought we’d celebrate with fellow MOA! Here are some of our favorite fan tweets about Thursday’s Child, “Good Boy Gone Bad,” and more!

If you love Yeonjun as much as we do, this tweet will speak to you on a deeper level.

This is the only correct ranking of the tracks on the EP. Sorry, not sorry!

Beomgyu showed off a new side to his artistry with this comeback, and we’re still processing it!

Our jaws dropped when we saw this journal flip-through. MOA are such a talented fandom!

Soobin really brought the “Good Boy Gone Bad” music video to another level!

Swiftie K-Pop stans, rejoice! This is the crossover we never knew we needed.

Our TXT boys are truly taking over the world right now, and the proof is right here. MOA and non-MOA alike are having so much fun with this comeback and appreciating the group’s talent!

Taehyun, our beloved! What an icon, his impact is undeniable.

OP, drop the playlist link! We’ll be blasting these songs all night now.

We think it’s time for Katy Perry to make a new “Dark Horse” video starring Huening Kai, because this edit works too well for it to only be an edit. 

How did you react to TXT’s comeback? What’s your favorite song on Thursday’s Child? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! And of course, show these fans some love and check out TOMORROW X TOGETHER on their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, official Twitter, and member Twitter

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