We at TREMG love spotlighting rising and underappreciated talent to give underground creators a platform and the recognition they deserve. But while we love a good monthly roundup, there’s so much great music coming out on a weekly basis that we wanted to share even more. And artists like Jess Jessica and Haley Johnsen were killing it this week! Here’s what you may have missed over the past few days.

TREMG Interviews

Get ready to meet your new favorite rockers, because Favor are ready to take on the world. They dropped their latest single, “Ruby Run,” this week and they’re getting ready to put out their Sandbox album later this month, and we got to ask them all about it! Check out our interview here and make sure you check out their amazing music.

TREMG Reviews

No one really wants to dance alone, but you’ll be jamming out around your room once you check out The Happy Fits’ irresistible new single “Dance Alone!” From the slick guitar line to the sweet, romantic lyrics, there’s something for everyone to love. Read our thoughts on the track right here!

TREMG Roundups

Looking for some hot new hip-hop to keep your ears entertained? We’ve got you with our latest hip-hop roundup, featuring the best new releases from artists like 3Breezy, TM88, and Pierre Bourne. So open up Spotify and click here to check out our picks – you’ll definitely want to add these stunners to your playlists.

New Signings

A big congrats goes out to Pohgoh, who just announced that they’re joining the Spartan Records family! This Florida four-piece haven’t put out an album since 2018 and they’ll finally be giving us another project through Spartan later this year. They’re bringing back the 90s rock sound reminiscent of artists like the Foo Fighters and The Cranberries in such a cool way, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

We are very excited to have our latest album coming out on Spartan. After releasing things ourselves the last 20+ years through our own label New Granada, it was exciting to hear and feel Spartan’s enthusiasm for Pohgoh and the album. As a label partner, their passion and drive matches, if not surpasses, our own and we couldn’t be happier to be involved with this new label family and experience.

Drummer Keith Ulrey

New Singles

Meg Myers creates an alluring, empowering pop-rock wonderland on “Children of Light II,” a track about finding your own “Light” and not letting your fears or inner darkness control you. Her voice sounds almost sirenlike, making the song’s messages resonate more deeply and really prompt reflection on your own life. The stadium-ready guitar riffs help “Children of Light II” feel like a battle anthem against insecurity, worries, and apathy – something we all need right now.

‘Children of Light II’ is a song about alchemy. It was inspired by my awakening in 2018 when I began reconnecting with my spirit guides through meditation. It’s about facing our fears so we can become more of who we really are, which is multi-dimensional. It reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and all the answers we seek can be found within.

Meg Myers

Need a new indie-pop jam? Portland’s very own Haley Johnsen has you covered with “Common Ground,” borrowing a page from greats like Fleetwood Mac and Brandi Carlile with a refreshing sense of sonic whimsy. Everyone knows the story of how COVID-19 lockdowns and the pandemic have affected us all, and Haley is recounting her own version with a simultaneous sense of hope and pessimism. Whichever side of the “Common Ground” you’re on, it’s time to come together and enjoy this track!

[The song] was written during the summer of 2020, circumstances of the pandemic lead us to be more reliable to our devices, more obsessed with the news, and more at odds with our family and friends who had differing views. I wrote this song about my own sadness and frustration with the reality of this political landscape. How taking a stand on something I believed in only furthered the divide between the ones I loved. This song is a desperate plea asking society, ‘are we ok with this? Are we capable of coming together and finding common ground, or is it too late?’

Haley Johnsen

Model and multi-talented musician Yumi Nu offers an introspective look at the importance of pursuing your dreams and believing in yourself on the alt-pop anthem “Illusions,” a track that’ll definitely get you thinking about your own potential and journey. The song marries a lighthearted indie-rock sound with a darker sound that showcases the duality of the feelings she describes in the lyrics. It’s thoughtful, immersive, and downright addicting, so make sure you listen to this song for a little boost when you need motivation. And make sure you check out Yumi’s Hajime EP when it comes out on May 20th!

I wrote ‘Illusions’ about the illusion of the boxes and cages we put ourselves in. I realized I had always had a ceiling over my head of how much potential I could reach and what I was worthy of, but it was me who put it there. It felt like realizing I was in a simulation. A belief and narrative I lived in but never questioned if it could be different.

Yumi Nu

Jess Jessica hands over two electrifying dance bangers with the playfully-raunchily-named “Magic D” and “Her Cock,” and these electro tracks will make you feel like you’re in the coolest NYC nightclub pre-COVID. Simply put, this is what the future sounds like. As Jess shares in her Twitter bio, her music is a fusion of both house and hyperpop, and we’re thrilled that she’s here to help shape the future of both genres with her innovative world-building and ear for what’s next.

We close off our New Singles section with an impressive song for an important cause! Jah Wobble (original bassist of PIL) and Jon Klein (former guitarist of Siouxsie and the Banshees) teamed up with The Ukrainians for a reimagining of Ukraine’s national anthem, complete with an energetic guitar line and a fun brass section. It’s a rousing reminder of the power music holds to bring us together while also reminding us that Ukrainians still need our help.

Proceeds from the single will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal andthe Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal. So make sure you run up those streams and buy the track on Bandcamp if you can!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Jah Wobble and Jon Klein for creating this fabulous track with us in order to raise much-needed funds for Ukrainian refugees. Monies collected will buy provisions, medical aid, and clothing for traumatized individuals and families whose situation is desperate beyond our understanding here in western Europe.

Len Liggins of The Ukrainians

New Albums and EPs

We’ve told you time and time again just how talented nonbinary artist Addison Grace is, and here’s a third time to really hammer that fact into your mind. Addison blessed us with his debut EP Immaturing this week and it’s even more incredible than we predicted it would be. The current single “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” is the perfect example of everything the project offers: introspective, vulnerable lyrics and ridiculously catchy hooks that will sink into your head almost instantly. 

Swedish singer-songwriter Paula Jivén also delivered her debut EP, The Duality In Me, and we can’t get enough of how thought-provoking this record is. Paula spends most of the record pouring her heart out about how the pandemic and living in the digital era affects her and fellow teenagers, before flipping the script with the sassy, sarcastic closer “Rude Girl,” calling out those around her as she confronts her own demons. 

The Duality In Me is a time capsule of my youth. Today, I’m 18 years old and the EP has become a way for me to lock all of that in. I wrote the songs around the ages of 15 to 16 and they address the experiences that are part of growing up today. Mental health, bad friends, and self-discovery. These songs were written because I felt they were needed and my hope is that they can be there for whoever needs them.

Paula Jivén

Music On Screen

Rising alt-rock star SK8 recruits the pop-punk legends of Sum 41 on “Shooting Star,” an 808-tinged banger about recognizing when you deserve more in a relationship or situation. They just dropped the stunning music video for the track, balancing performance shots with red-doused clips that highlight the buzzing energy present on the song. SK8 told Rock Genius that “Shooting Star” was one of the two songs he was most excited for fans to hear on his recent debut album, Last Day On Earth, and you’ll understand just why within seconds of pressing play on this video.

A$AP Rocky just dropped a video for “D.M.B.,” and one of his co-stars has really made waves: Rihanna, who’s currently pregnant with his child! “D.M.B.” stands for “dat’s my bitch,” and the first time Rocky says that line, Riri makes her grand entrance in a bold tiger-print look. 

Both Rocky and Rihanna’s outfits became such a statement that according to LoveTheSales, Rocky caused interest in red hoodies (+168%), blue tracksuits (+32%), and fur hats (+20%) to rise within just a few hours. Meanwhile, Rihanna inspired viewers to search for pink fur coats (+156%), brown corsets (+103%), leopard print hats (+95%), crochet bras (+81%), and leather coats (+56%). Talk about a stylish power couple!

What was your favorite release this week? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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