In White America, People Getting Hurt By Police is Still A Black Lives Matter Issue

We recall this term, #defund, getting folks all hyped up to vote against the public safety versus the over extension of “Blue Lives”. Blue Lives Matter are the white people who get nervous that Black Americans are in the streets of American cities chanting for police reform. In Arkansas, this video is going viral.

Two Crawford County Deputies were suspended, and a Mulberry Police Officer is on administrative leave after a video surfaced showing a violent arrest, causing outrage on social media. In the video, the three law enforcement officers are seen on top of the suspect, allegedly using excessive force, at a convenience store in Mulberry, Arkansas on Sunday, Aug. 21. According to Sheriff Jimmy Damante with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), around 10 a.m. Sunday, Alma police officers were called about a man making terroristic threats to a convenience store employee. The suspect allegedly spit on the employee and threatened to “cut off their face.” Sheriff Damante says the man then traveled on a bike to Mulberry, near Exit 20, where the Mulberry officer and the deputies met with him. The conversation began calm, but the sheriff says the man then began attacking one of the deputies by pushing him to the ground and punching the back of his head, leading to what was seen in the video. In the video, the deputies and the officer are seen holding the man down on the ground, kneeling on him and slamming his face to the ground. Arkansas State Police are now investigating the incident while CCSO holds an internal investigation.

We went to the voice of the streets, Twitter, to see how Americans both white and Black, were responding.

In America, if all Cops aren’t bad, then why do situations like this make the press? In defense of the Black Lives Matter current plight against police brutality, it really only serves as a catalyst. Black people LOOK like the people white folks would like to believe the police are authorized to attack when in reality it’s white women and men who are suffering. Read this story about a court officer who used force to restrain a minor in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

Since the so-called, leftist raid on Trump’s estate down in Florida, the same promoters of the anti-Cop mentality now claim they themselves “will not give one damn penny” – Matt Gaetz, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. How did they change their tune? Because it was never about public safety, as seen throughout footage at the Capitol insurrection back in 2021, it has always been about, CONTROL. When marginal groups like Stop Asian Hate, become a voice, we see the leadership scramble to fix a narrative, when one of their own is arrested, they swap out the previous narrative for a new one. It really doesn’t matter what you say, it matters how you vote. Bad cops cannot police other bad cops. In fact, becoming a cop in today’s climate is more and more difficult with attacks against law enforcement on the uptick as well as the rate of officers who are committing suicide. Police departments are community-based liaisons for peacekeeping. We have surely gone extremely far from that type of professionalism. Why are they still given a uniform, badge, and gun?

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