As Folks Complain About Biden and “The Left” The January 6th Hearing Keeps Getting Better Ratings

The most damning information came in today. The GOP previously stated that the Capitol Police did not find any conclusive evidence that national terrorists scoped out the joint, on a legit tour of the Capitol, but today’s footage tells a different story. You remember that scene in the film Pearl Harbor when a Japanese tourist shot photos of the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The camera was concealed in his suitcase. Yeah, exactly like that. It was a recon job. The leader of the Capitol tour is an elected Representative from Georgia’s 11th district. Ah yes, the same state that caused the run-off election. Watch via Twitter for yourself.

We don’t take an oath at birth to become a citizen of the United States. There are tons of elected officials who are under oath operating as national terrorists. You can Mr. Barry Loudermilk to that list. Patriot? Nah.

2 responses to “As Folks Complain About Biden and “The Left” The January 6th Hearing Keeps Getting Better Ratings”

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