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Happy pride month to all of our LGBT readers! We at TREMG are proud to support the LGBT community, and we thought we’d share the latest and greatest new songs by queer artists, products to check out from queer businesses, and more. There are so many creatives making waves right now and they deserve even more recognition. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

To Listen To

LGBT musicians have really been bringing it lately, and we’re so excited to share some of our favorite new releases! Let’s start off by giving you the message about Michael Incognito’s “Let me know you got this message,” a song that reflects on one of his earliest queer crushes and how the seemingly-unrequited feelings affected him. It’s honestly a sin that its music video currently has less than 300 views – this is a trap-pop anthem that deserves a spot on as many playlists as possible. It proves Michael’s talent and leaves us desperate for even more music from this incredible artist!

The song was inspired by a friend who I became close with toward the end of high school. The summer after our freshman year of college, we took a trip with some friends. I felt confident — as I had started to accept my own queerness — and finally tried showing him how I felt, but was shut down. I felt trapped in a place of shame, replaying every scene from our time together. When I later asked if we could talk, he declined. I felt devastated and confused — it particularly hurt because I could see this other side of him, but knew that even if he had those feelings, he wouldn’t dare talk about them.

Michael Incognito

Leaning more onto the rock side, Kat Hamilton shares her frustration about being blamed for an affair on the aptly-angrily-named “FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK,” which calls out the person who cheated on their partner after they tried to pin the guilt on her. It’s energetic, immensely catchy, and an all-around good time despite the heavier subject matter. She lays it out plainly: “I don’t hope that you’re happy.” Indignation has never sounded this delectable!

[The song] is a ‘shout your heart out’ anthem for every side chick who’s been blamed for an affair. Oh, and she writes better songs than you do.

Kat Hamilton

Bi/pan artist Layke proves that no one can stop her shine on “No One Can Stop Us,” a 90s-inspired anthem all about living in the moment that’s bound to get you on your feet. The music video is just as alluring as the track itself, seeing Layke get to know a group of people wearing neon in a journey that reflects how she started feeling accepted for who she is in the LGBT community. Dua Lipa fans, we just found your new favorite artist!

Warning: The music video below contains flashing images – viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitivity. 

For our last music suggestion, we have a little treat from none other than Harry Styles! He stopped by The First Take, an awe-inspiring YouTube channel that challenges artists to perform fan-favorite tracks in one single take, for a rendition of his new track ‘Boyfriends.’ The song is a callout for boyfriends who don’t treat their partners right, and no matter your orientation, there’s something to learn from its message about knowing you deserve the best from your significant other.

To Wear

Clammy Heart is an adorable clothing, accessory, and rug brand spearheaded by a lesbian artist named Penelope! All their designs are incredible – some of our faves include the nostalgic Puppy Love sweatshirt and sparkling clouds purse – but today we wanted to spotlight the pride cardigans and sweatshirts they’re offering. You can choose the color of the cardigan or sweatshirt you want, as well as which pride ribbons you want on the sleeves. Be sure to grab the matching hair bows for the ultimate pride look!

(c) Clammy Heart

Christina Aguilera released a special Pride Month merch collection ahead of her performance at LA Pride, and we’re obsessed with this aesthetic! From a sleek trucker hat to a “Say Gay” hoodie speaking out against the Don’t Say Gay bill, there’s something everyone will love. We’re especially eyeing this colorful heart tee… 

(c) Merch Traffic

To Celebrate

New Yorkers, you’re gonna be busy on June 25th! From 3 to 4, you can witness history while Kaleidoscope Hair breaks the world record for the most hair products ever donated in a single day – they’re teaming up with the Center For Black Equity to give out 20,000 products. This incredible brand is headed by a Black, openly gay founder Jesseca Dupart, who’s also married to Da Brat! The festivities will take place at Harlem Pride at 138th and 12th Avenue in Manhattan, so make sure you carve out some time in your day to stop by.

The second event we wanna spotlight is the first annual Planet Pride music festival, which will be hitting the Brooklyn Mirage on June 25th. With performances from stars like headliners Galantis, SG Lewis, LP Giobbi, and even co-promoter Ty Sunderland, this is bound to be a day full of fun that’ll even help benefit the FEMME HOUSE nonprofit! With three stages and performances across 12 hours, you can’t miss this.

I’m psyched to elevate the Pride festival experience with an incredible, diverse lineup across 3 massive stages at NYC’s best venue. Pride is all about giving back and we’re honored to benefit FEMME HOUSE, which is paving the way for LGBTQ+ individuals in music through scholarships, mentorships and workshops.

Producer Jake Resnicow
(c) Planet Pride

Finally, no matter where you are, you can get involved in our last celebration. Adobe is paying tribute to the queer legend David Bowie with a digital creation set inspired by his visuals, albums, and more! You can check out graphics, brushes, and more to unleash your creativity just like Bowie did for decades. What better person to inspire your work?

To Shop

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good dose of nostalgia? Time to shift over to Nostalgia Coffee Roasters, a brand led by a gay woman that offers coffee produced entirely by female workers in Mexico. Be sure to check out their Memory Lane option – 10% of proceeds will benefit the San Diego LGBTQ Center, so you can enjoy your morning fix knowing you’re helping a worthy cause. Tastes like a good deed!

This is a coffee for everyone; a coffee that sparks joy in coffee connoisseurs and new coffee drinkers alike; a coffee that makes excellent espresso and a fantastic pour over. But most importantly, a coffee that will take you walking down Memory Lane.

Founder Taylor Field
(c) Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

Get ready to relax with these adorable gift sets from Splish Splash, a Canadian skincare brand that draws from the Hammam spa experience of Morocco. They come in rainbow, bisexual, and transgender flag variants and we’re loving not only the inclusivity, but the range in products. Splish Splash donated a bunch of them to Vancouver Pride Society volunteers last year as well! This is one growing brand you need to keep an eye on.

(c) Splish Splash

How have you been celebrating Pride Month? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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