Is Ohio Really the Most Miserable State?

When asked to blurt out the first U.S State that comes to mind, Ohio is likely the last state we think of. After all, according to reporter Ken Robinson, Ohio is ranked as “the seventh miserable area in the united states and the blandest state”. This may be due to it’s location on the map or the overall nature of the Ohio nature (lots of grasslands). However, the fact is that this “miserable state” provides more than it’s fair share of desirables and enjoyable attractions. Here are a few examples of why Ohio deserves a stronger reputation.

Cedar Point Amusement Park: For roller coaster enthusiasts like ourselves, Cedar Point Amusement Park is on many of our bucket lists. After all, this theme park is home to some of the greatest roller coasters such as Maverick, Millennium Force, Steel Vengence, and, of course, Top Thrill Dragster. Consistently ranked in the Top 5 Greatest Amusement Parks by USAToday, Cedar Point is certainly an “amusing” experience, yet people seem to forget this experience can only be found in Ohio.

National Museum of the U.S Air Force: Being the home state of the Wright Brothers, it should come as no surprise that Ohio’s history of the airplane is deafening. The National Museum of the U.S Air Force archives some of this history with over 360 displays involving aviation. The museum also includes the “Presidential Gallery” featuring aircrafts used by former Presidents such as Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower. The museum even features outdoor exhibits not seen in other museums across America.

Wildlights Celebration: Ohio’s Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is unique from other zoos such as the Bronx Zoo in that every November, the zoo features its Wildlights Celebration which, according to tourist Lana Law, features “over 3 million neon lights throughout the zoo celebrating winter in Ohio as well as seeing the animals after Daylight Savings Time”.  These lights can be seen up to 10 miles away. The zoo is no slouch in the summer, either, as their Zoombezi Water Park is open throughout the summer months.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: For rock-and-roll enthusiasts (and music enthusiasts in general), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame provides a history of the art of rock-and-roll featuring various artists from Freddie Mercury to Led Zeppelin. The seven floors of this building involve musical instruments and costumes from various decades and has become known as one of the top tourist attractions in America, let alone in Ohio.

Ohio is the Top Entrepreneurial State: According to Business analyst Andrew DePietro, Ohio sports the second lowest cost of living and the third best access to funding. Furthermore, LLC’s established in Ohio receive only one level of taxation while other states require more taxes to pay. If looking to start a business, Ohio may be the best gateway state.

Based on Ohio’s attractions as well as its business capabilities, it is safe to conclude that Ohio is not the most miserable state society has made it out to be. There are more than enough reasons to respect its landscape and the features it offers. It may not be California and New York, but after digging through its gems, there’s no place like Ohio.

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