Osiris tomb with it’s multiple shafts and chambers is extremely interesting thing to look at. Just looking at how complex the chambers are is really a site to see.  The expected burial chamber below the statue, thus identifying the deceased with Osiris. These multiple chambers have dead as well who are with Osiris. There are reliefs depicting demons and deities holding knives and meant to stand guard over the body of the tomb’s occupant. The west side of the corridor of the Osiris statue is yet to explored. I think with this unexplored area of Osiris’s tomb we will find a lot interesting things including things pertaining to life. Being that the green face of Osiris reflected the life he brought to the ancient Egyptian people, this tomb could very well be something related to that. This thought that this unexplored area of the tomb is related life could mean that there are aspects of life in it, such as hieroglyphics of grass, trees, and water, “the Nile” perhaps. The Nile River being how big it is, is very very important, being at the forefront of life for Egypt’s civilization, the tomb of Osiris may have this incorporated into it. The river being the size that it is certainly has a big element for life that supported the ancient Egyptians for a very thousands of years. Being one of Egypt’s most important deities, we can assume that Osiris had an enormous influence on the Egyptian civilization.

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