Whether it’s your favorite time of year or your least favorite time of year, back-to-school is officially upon us now that summer is dwindling and the days are getting shorter. It’s an ideal time for new beginnings, whether you’re heading back to class or just want to get your life in order! We rounded up six products that can make your new beginning a little easier, and no matter your budget, there’s bound to be something that would be useful to you.

CalmiGo For Anxiety Relief ($189-246)

If you’re someone who regularly struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, or if the back-to-school grind is just a little too stressful, CalmiGo is a fantastic solution that can help ground you through even the hardest moments. It’s a handheld device that helps guide your breathing with helpful lights and provides gentle sensory input to help you focus on the present, including light scents and a quick vibration. 

It sounds too good to be true, but it really does work! Think of it as an anxiety coach of sorts – after a while, if you find yourself getting antsy while it’s not nearby, you can visualize the light patterns Calmigo shows and slow your breathing by yourself. Then you can return to your trusty device and get into the ultimate relaxed mindset! Our recommendation: add a little CalmiGo session to your morning routine and you’ll be ready to take on your day, worry-free.

TREMG would like to thank CalmiGo for offering us free product in exchange for an honest review!

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French Toast School Uniforms (Varies)

Looking for a comfy version of your school’s required uniform, or just like the preppy look that comes with items like plaid skirts and button-downs? French Toast stocks all your favorite pieces with prices you’ll love! From polos under $20, to an adaptive line that allows children with disabilities to wear the same styles as their peers, to a school uniform shop where you can find the exact pieces your school wants, this brand is really a powerhouse for the back-to-school season. It’s also sold on Amazon, as well as at Kohl’s and Walmart

Loungefly My Melody Fuzzy Mini Backpack ($49.90)

Of course, the school year can’t start without the perfect backpack! And it just so happens that this Loungefly option available at Hot Topic is one of the cutest options around. Sanrio might just be more popular than ever right now, with even non-Hello Kitty characters like My Melody and Pompompurin stealing everyone’s hearts. Add some pastel notebooks and a pencil case and you’ll be all set for class.

(c) Hot Topic / Loungefly

Superio Ribbed Drawer and Desk Organizer Tray Set ($11.99)

Whether your study desk needs an overhaul or you’re filling a dresser in a college dorm room, Superio’s drawer organizer set will simplify your routine and look sleek while doing it. It’s perfect for sorting office supplies, accessories, or even your junk drawer, and you can mix and match the different sizes to make an arrangement that works for your space. We’ve used ours to wrangle everything from craft supplies to desk essentials!

TREMG would like to thank Superio for offering us free product in exchange for an honest review!

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Unicorn Eclipse Locker Notepad ($7)

Keep track of homework, test dates, or anything else you need to remember on one of the sweetest notepads from Unicorn Eclipse! This locker design is so festive for the back-to-school season, and can you really dread your long to-do list if it’s on paper this cute? Other great options from this small business include their daily planner pads and their school supply-themed sticky notes.

(c) Unicorn Eclipse

Yoobi Retractable Gel Pens ($14.99)

Is there anything quite like the feeling of using a fresh new pen? With Yoobi’s adorable gel pen set, you can get that feeling with 18 bold colors! If you’re a student, these are the perfect fun option to organize your notes by topic, and if you’re a teacher, they’ll make grading papers a little less tedious. Yoobi also donates a school supply to an American student in need for every product you buy, so you’d be doing good while treating yourself!

(c) Yoobi

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