With cold weather quickly approaching and sunny days getting shorter, fall is quickly taking over our minds and our homes. It’s time to make your space more warm and inviting for the upcoming months, and let’s face it, you deserve a little refresh with new decor and functional products that will bring a smile to your face. We found four options you’ll love, so let’s jump right in! Get your wallet ready, because you’ll wanna add these to your collection… 

Gift of Stitch Home Sweet Home Cross-Stitch Kit ($17.99)

With beach days and sunbathing fading away, everyone needs something fun to do inside, and bonus points if it’s something creative! This adorable cross-stitch kit from the Gift of Stitch collection, created by the French needlecraft giant DMC, will teach you all the basics of cross-stitching and you’ll get an adorable piece of decor afterward! The cheerful colors and sweet design will combat all your autumn/winter blues.

Image Source: DMC Gift of Stitch

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Tea Kettle ($138)

What better way to warm up on a chilly day than with a nice cup of tea? Well, we can name one better way: getting a nice cup of tea that came from an adorable tea kettle. This whimsical option from MacKenzie-Childs gives us such a playful autumn vibe and the hand-painted checkerboard pattern makes it a little extra cozy. It’s perfect for a solo cup or a tea party with friends – maybe with an Alice In Wonderland theme? 

Image Source: MacKenzie-Childs

Spoken Flames Autumn Ease Candle ($34)

The right scent can be so soothing, especially if it’s one like Autumn Ease from Spoken Flames. This candle is a magical choice for fall, brimming with scents like pumpkin, orange, and crisp air for a calming combo. And, even better, every candle from the Brooklyn-based Spoken Flames has an AR bonus to bring your experience to the next level – for Autumn Ease, it’s a spoken-word poem. What’s not to love?

Image Source: Spoken Flames

VUDECO Life Glow In The Dark Blanket ($22.99)

Finally, any fall living room setup needs a comfy blanket for movie nights, hangouts, and more! This adorable pastel blanket from VUDECO will never fail to boost your mood, and after the lights go out, the unicorns on it will start glowing in the dark for a little extra touch. Come on, everyone loves things that glow in the dark, don’t fight it. We love the sweet unicorn and star details on this blanket, as well as the soft color palette! 

Image Source: VUDECO

Which of these products scream “cozy” to you? Are you adding any to your shopping cart? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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