Back in July, USA Today shared a story days after the SCOTUS removal of the protections provided for reproductive rights which resulted in immediate closures for abortion clinics.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, told IndyStar she provided an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim, and her medical partner Dr. Amy Caldwell claim in their lawsuit Rokita’s office has sent subpoenas for medical records of patients who never filed complaints to the attorney general’s office. Seven people filed consumer complaints against Bernard to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office between July 8 and July 12, according to the lawsuit.

Roe Removal: Roe vs Wade Overturned So In Natural Democratic Fashion, Folks Took Their Emotions To The Streets

Most of the complaints were submitted by individuals who did not claim to reside in Indiana,” the lawsuit states.

One complaint said Bernard “kept knowledge of the rape of a 10 year old from authorities.” In July, however, the Indiana Department of Health provided IndyStar a copy of a termination of pregnancy report filled out by Bernard that confirmed she did report the abortion, and alerted the state that the 10-year-old had suffered abuse. 

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