Roe v Wade

There are no rights assigned to the unborn child.

When I was waiting line for the bus at the bus stop, an Indian man and asked me and a middle aged woman if we were voters because New York City was in the midst of the Primary Election and the woman did not reply but I said yes. He has a pile of newspapers tucked under his sleeves and told said that he had newspapers written towards Republican’s values and would like to share them with us. But I told him that I was a Democrat and he was taken back by my response. He asked if I was okay with where the Democrats were taking this country, I replied yes and pressed me when he asked me even further about Abortions after he asked me, ” If the unborn had no rights?” I told him, the unborn has no rights unless it is being born. No baby should be forced to live a life if the circumstances are dire.

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Because of the overturn of the Roe v Wade, the benefits of an abortion for women have been taken away completely it. Anyone who opposes abortions are going back to controlling their Republican led courts make sure the abortion voters that are voting will have great difficulty especially in Ohio and Missouri since abortion has now become a huge wider gap. They are also trying to dismiss the Abortion pills that the Food and Drug Administration has approved of in Texas in Federal court and making sure that companies that do not provide abortion options to their employees in any shape or form such as travel reimbursement which Tom Oliverson a Republican member of the Texas house of Representatives called Abortion tourism where abortions are illegal. The actions take by the opposition of anti abortion have made it harder to provide medical care where the doctors and the hospitals have now begun complain. { The Landscape of the Abortion Fight by Kate Zernike, 2022, The New York Times Company Sunday, December 11, 2022}

” People living in these states are going to be used to the concept of reproductive freedom in their states law that nobody can argue with because the language is there. This now sets a new standard and advocates and people who support reproductive autonomy in other states are going to say , ” Well why not my constitution?” Nancy Northup, President of the Center of Reproductive Rights

While it seems that ex Vice President Mike Pence who has long wished for the removal of Roe v Wade has gotten his wish in removing abortions rights from women a several years later by the United States Supreme Court had overturned the Roe v Wade which resulted not only in a nationwide ban but in a nationwide fight as well. We can only hope that the generous amounts of donations that were made in Mike Pence’s name by celebrities and other citizens who did not appreciate his lack of concern towards women to Planned Parenthood might help in the long fight ahead in the United States to bring even bigger and more positive changes when it comes to a woman’s health and reproductive rights. { Planned Parenthood is making bank off ” Mike Pence” donations by April Newell News/What’s November 28, 2016}

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The U. S Supreme Court in 1973 ruled in Roe v Wade has decided that the decision to continue or end a pregnancy belongs to the person and not the government. In the Fourth-teen Amendment of the U.S Constitution. Roe has held a guarantee of liberty that it protects the right to having an abortion prior to fetal viability. Since then, the U.S Constitution protects for abortion rights as to other rights in making any personal decisions about a person’s family, relationships and bodily autonomy. However in June 2022 Roe v Wade has been taken away by the U.S Supreme Court and in doing so, the ruling of Dobbs v Jackson Woman’s Health Organization has removed 50 years of protection – a fundamental right to marriage, procreation, use of contraception and gender equality in three important areas that affects a person’s life – education, economics and political world. { Center for Reproductive Rights Roe v Wade http:/www/>roe-v-wade}

After the United States’s Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022 denying a woman’s right to having an abortion has had another medical consequence in which Methatrexate a first line of defense for patients with Rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions. While it is true that higher dosages of this medications can treat miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, it is unknown what other medications and under what conditions will be withheld from patients medically, { Drug Topics, Voice of the Pharmacist, Examining the Impact of the Roe v Wade decision on Medication Access, December 12, 2022, Lauren Biscaldi, Managing Editor, Drug Topics, 22 Volume 1666, Issue 12}

Anita Hill in an interview with CNN Chris Wallace has warmed American that the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v Wade is also the removal of personal civil rights. When Clarence Thomas vote 5-4 in favor of it, he also called for a ruling in the same sex marriage and other rights to be revisited. Thankfully, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to safeguard access to abortion are and contraceptives and interracial marriage called The Respect for Marriage Act in fear the U.S Supreme Court might overthrow the 2015 Obergefell v Hodges decision to legalizes same sex marriage, of course, the act would have to approved by the house before President Joe Biden can sign it. { Anita Hill says Supreme Court Overturning Roe v Wade is indicator of what could happen to individual’s civil right, by Chandelis Duster, CNN, published Friday December 2, 2022}

In Iowa, Dr. Esgar Guarin, a urologist had a increase of vasectomies within the first 48 hours of the overturn of the Roe v Wade, He reasoned that women were more concerned about pregnancy than men were less likely to think about impregnating them as much as they enjoyed their sexual encounters. Now with abortions becoming illegal, many men have been thinking about their own lifestyles and how they understand their abilities as responsible men in getting a vasectomies . As it turns out there are many men out there who do not want to be come fathers as much as there are women who do not want to become mothers. {More men are getting vasectomies post roe v wade, doctor says, calling on men to ejaculate responsibly, Bethany Dawson October 30, 2022}

If an unmarried couple decides to have an abortion, they will learn in the process how to become more sexually responsible because abortions changes people regardless of its necessity. If a married couple decided to have an abortion, the process of parenting will change their minds about the world around them and each other because they are no longer sexual driven people but parents who have agreed to raise a baby who will become another human being. The results are the same. Abortions are not the problem, it’s the pregnancy of the responsibility of that bearing comes if one is ready.

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