The downfall of Donald Trump

The wrongdoings of Donald Trump, unearthed and under spotlight.

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Just as Trump was Organization was found guilty on 7 counts of tax fraud and other crimes, #TRUMPISDONE has been a trend on Twitter as well as #GUILTYONALLCOUNTS. The New York lawsuits has thought about joining the Trump Organization and its connections to commit a tax fraud so they can have personal vehicles, apartments, school finances and others for years. The Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer has pleaded guilty to tax fraud and grand larceny in another case, he even testified for the prosecution in this case as well.

There are some media commentators who believe that Trump Organization being found guilty could hurt his presidential 2024 campaign which he announced last month although he, himself has not been on trial and therefore not convicted. The conviction will not stop him from competing either. $1.62 million have been the penalty for the Trump Organization the New York Times has said but the total revenue of trump and The Organization is greater because it is a real estate company that owns apartments buildings, hotels and golf courses. Twitter users seem to be ecstatic over this verdict and this verdict and so is the world who seems to be celebrating Trump’s financial downfall.{#TRUMPISDONE Trends As Organization Found Guilty of Tax Fraud Amelia Merrill December 6, 2022 What’s Trending}

It was Representative David Cicilline {R.I} who introduced a bill by 40 others demands to prevent former president Donald Trump from becoming a president for the second time of the United States in America under the 14th amendment. It is said that Section 3 of the 14th amendment that no one who previously took an other to support the constitution and engaged in a “insurrection or rebellion shall had an office, civil, or military under the United States.” In announcing the legislation he says the former president ” very clearly” engaged in an insurrection on January 6, 2021 with the intention of overturning the results of 2020 presidential election.

David Cicilline who was an impeachment manager during the former president’s impeachment who had sent a letter to his fellow democrats last month to gain sponsors for the bill that he had introduce to prevent Donald Trump from running again. The bill describes how he encouraged the violence on January 6, 2021, tried to force state and federal official when they did not support his claims of a stolen election and who did nothing to stop the people from attaching the Capital. {Yahoo! The Hill, house democrats introduce legislation to bar Trump from Office under the 14th amendment Jared Gans December 15, 2022}

Democrats have argued that this idea was adopted in the 1860’s to prevent former confederates from occurring positions in the federal government after the Civil War should be applied to the former president who provoked the insurrection against the United States of America on January 6, 2021. Last month, former president Donald Trump announced his run for president in 2024 at his Mar-a -Lago residence where he said America’s comeback starts right now as he disrespects President Joe Biden. Since his announcement, however, he has maintained a low profile by not has not traveling much and has not held public campaign events. [Fox news, 40 house Democrats join legislation to bar Trump from public office Chris Pandolfo December 16, 2022}

The former president also had $19.8m in undisclosed debt to a company historically linked to North Korea during his presidential campaign and after his inauguration. While it could be that the debt is owned by The Trump Organization -it does affect his personal image. New York Attorney General Letitia James have gotten document from the Trump Organization to a South Korea conglomerate that had a connection to a project with the former president Donald Trump in New York City but the South Korea that was allowed to have a business in the mid 1990’s. They seem to have quite history, Trump and South Korea’s company since it used his names on their properties. {Attorney General finds that Donald Trump owes millions of dollars to ” A foreign Creditor” he” failed to disclose ” While president Maria Pierides December 18, 2022}

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has faced problems with getting help for his 2024 presidential campaign in getting a public speaker since Ivanka Trump and her husband – his daughter and his son in law will not be helping him return for 2024 presidential election. They seem to feel that they were mistreated in Washington and want to protect their family from another presidency. This may not have occur to her but Ivanka did help her father win his presidency and defend her father’s behavior and comments on many occasions. So many times, she used her father’s position as President to shield herself the world itself as its response to her lack of concern. Ivanka herself has slowly been trying to rebuild her socialite reputation ever since they have distanced themselves from her father. This problem has caused familial tension with Don Jr. and Eric Trump who with their wives will help their father rerun in 2024.{Trump begs Ivanka, Jared Kusher To Join His 2024 Campaign, Couple Not Budging: Report Danielle Ong 11/15/22 International Business Times}

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