Happy Holidays; One Sentence Review of Holiday Treats

The holidays are upon us once more and one of the most memorable parts of any holiday are the traditional foods and special dinners. Some holiday foods are only served during this time of year, making them taste even more unique. Whether celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, a holiday family dinner is the perfect method of capping off the event. After reviewing Halloween and Thanksgiving treats, here is our one sentence review of foods served throughout the holiday season to prioritize your servings:

Apple Pie: Always reliable even after the Autumn season

Candy Canes: Fresh and minty, these red and white sticks also look nice as a decoration

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Delicious, especially when warm

Gingerbread Cookies: More festive than chocolate chip cookies and taste better cold

Hot Chocolate: Tasty and relaxing

Eggnog: Like it or hate it, this drink practically defines the holidays.

Figgy Pudding: Don’t bring us some figgy pudding and don’t bring it out here

Fudge: Always decedent, regardless of the kind

Fruitcake: Just….no

Ham: A bit overrated; tasty but not the star of the holiday season

M&Ms (red and green): All M&Ms taste the same but seeing just these colors somehow makes it more festive.

Peppermint Bark: Same as candy canes, just not as decorative.

Potatoes: Delicious and more defining than ham

Roast Beef: Same as ham but tastes a bit better

Rolls: Pretty bland, honestly

Salad: Depends on how it’s made; Ranch Cesear salad never disappoints, though

Sugar Cookies: Only slightly inferior to Chocolate Chip cookies

Stuffing: Too soon after Thanksgiving

Turkey: Same as stuffing

Yams: Same as turkey

Yule Log: Essentially a Spongecake but with chocolate instead

Again, these reviews are entirely subjective. However, it is almost objective that the true meaning of the holidays is being together with family and giving/sharing with others. Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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