Ambition and Grit

Ambition and Grit

“Ambition & Grit” contains six solo episodes and seven interviews led by Liniger, each recounting stories of those who have overcome challenges, pushed past their own limits, and experienced the best life has to offer. The short-form podcast series is jam-packed with secrets of success from Liniger’s celebrated career than spans over half a century.

The first episode features former U.S. Marine Corps officer Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, the first African-American female naval aviator and first female combat aviator in the Marine Corps. Subsequent episodes, to be released bi-weekly on Wednesdays include:

  • “How to Avoid Failing in the First 5 Years of Your Business,” March 15
  • “Interview: Joan Lunden,” March 29
  • “Overcoming Challenging Times in Business,” April 12
  • “Interview: John Hennessey,” April 26
  • “How to Improve Your Productivity,” May 10
  • “Interview: Mike Kelly,” May 24
  • “Women in Leadership,” June 7
  • “Interview: Misty Lown,” June 21
  • “Building a Team,” July 5
  • “Interview: Adam Contos,” July 19
  • “How to Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competition,” August 2
  • “Interview: J.R. Martinez,” August 16

“Nothing great in life comes easy,” says Liniger. “If you want wild success, exciting adventures, and untold fortunes, you’re going to need a little ambition and grit to get you there. Through my own personal insights, and those of the successful guests I interview, this podcast acts as a spark to those interested in jumpstarting their lives and careers.”

“Ambition & Grit” will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play. For more information, visit

Joan Lunden, Creating a Healthy Lifestyle for a Better Tomorrow

We got a chance to listen to the latest episode featuring Joan Lunden.

A legend and trusted voice of America, Joan Lunden overcame immense obstacles on her path to personal and professional success. Over the span of forty years, Joan built her inspirational career as a nationally loved television host, award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. She isn’t afraid to take risks. When life presents her with an opportunity, she says yes and figures out how to make it happen later. This fearless approach to life has allowed her to be a living example of perseverance through deeply challenging seasons in her life. 

As one of the first female news anchors, Joan worked within a system plagued by sexism and bigotry to create space for women in the industry. A pioneer in her own right, she earned her place as one of America’s most beloved interviewers, pursuing the truth with tenacious candor. She started each morning with a smile in the mirror, choosing a positive attitude regardless of external circumstances. This resiliency pushed her to accomplish her goals, including overcoming her fear of public speaking and performing as a Las Vegas showgirl. Her love for life helped her battle bravely through the terror of breast cancer, survive, and share her inspirational story with others. Retirement for Joan looks like hosting a television show and a podcast, serving as an adjunct professor, and traveling the country as a keynote speaker. As a woman who believes herself capable of accomplishing anything, her legendary life reflects what is possible with fierce hard work and determination. 

Main Topics

  • Joan’s initiation into the world of broadcasting (01:26)
  • Joan’s rise to the top from weather girl to anchor (04:06)
  • Revolutionizing the status quo as a woman in a male-dominated industry (07:00)
  • Her greatest challenges as co-host of Good Morning America (07:49)
  • Joan performs as a Las Vegas showgirl (09:43)
  • Overcoming her fear of public speaking with Tony Robbins (11:25)
  • Her greatest hurdle yet: surviving breast cancer (15:00)

About Dave Liniger
Dave Liniger is the co-founder of RE/MAX, the Denver-based global real estate franchise that he co-founded with his wife Gail in 1973. RE/MAX is the leading franchisor of real estate offices throughout the world and has expanded to over 8,000 offices in over 110 countries, with 140,000+ sales agents. Mr. Liniger is internationally renowned for his real estate and franchising expertise and is widely credited with improving conditions for real estate agents. Over the course of his career, Mr. Liniger has spoken to more than 3 million people in over 30 countries. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune Inc., Success and other leading publications and media outlets across the globe. In 2010, he was included in Bloomberg Business Week’s profiles of the 50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate, and in 2011, Dave was named the Inman News “People’s Choice” Most Influential Real Estate Leader. He has received the Warren Bennis Award for Leadership Excellence from the Global Institute for Leadership Development. A serial entrepreneur, lifelong philanthropist, and avid sportsman, Dave continues to lead the RE/MAX network as Chairman of the Board after retiring as CEO in 2018.

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