by: Natalie Jameson

It has been two weeks since the shocking news broke of beloved comedian, actor, producer, and musician Jamie Foxx’s sudden health crisis. The Academy award-winning star known for his iconic roles suffered from a daunting medical emergency which reportedly occured at an undisclosed location in Atlanta, GA. Originally reports mentioned that Foxx was on set when the alarming incident took place where he was rushed to the hospital. Now, new updates reveal that Foxx was not in the process of filming his latest movie when the health-related matter occured and is receiving treatment at a medical facility based in Atlanta.

Foxx is stationed in Georgia as he is currently starring in a new role in the upcoming action-comedy, Back in Action, alongside other familiar on-screen talent and actress Cameron Diaz. Initially, Foxx’s daughter, Corrine Foxx, issued a statement surrounding her father’s health on Instagram stating he had suffered from what she noted as a “medical complication.” However, according to rumors from recent reports, that “medical complication” may have allegedly been as a result of a minor stroke.

Fans were shooketh at the appalling scare surrounding Foxx’s medical condition. And even more shocked when news broke that Foxx’s body double was spotted filming scenes and posing as the 55-year-old entertainer. The amount of feedback from fans has been overwhelming as an overabundance of thoughts centered on well wishes and prayers have poured into the comments sections on Foxx’s social media accounts.

Fortunately, Foxx is stated to have been on the up and up as his health has seemingly been improving. According to Fox News, Foxx has been making steady progress in the right direction and reportedly has been “on a road to recovery.” Now it appears the Django Unchained star is “awake and alert.” Although it said that Foxx is undergoing a series of tests performed by doctors aiming to target the cause of his complication, sources close to the actor confirm that he is okay and under medical observation.

Corrine Foxx, age 29, even released a statement where she shared that “Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery.” It appears that due to the swift handling and medical intervention on behalf of the health professionals, Foxx is in stable condition and is now doing well. Foxx’s family also released a statement thanking fans for their support as the Ray superstar continues his recovery.

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