Who doesn’t love trying new recipes in the summer? It’s such a fun way to add some variety to your life and switch things up, and we have a special recommendation for you today that’ll rock your tastebuds. Mesa de Vida’s unique line of sauces draws inspiration from places all over the world, from the Carribbean to Morocco, all without any sugar or oil, gluten-free, and with plant-based ingredients the whole family can enjoy. 

Mesa de Vida currently offers five different varieties with nutritious ingredients, including Latin (featuring carrot, jalapeno peppers, and more) and Mediterranean (featuring roasted peppers, celery, and more). Just add your favorite protein and some vegetables, then you’re ready to go with a dining experience you’ll never forget. You can even check out some yummy recipe options on the brand’s website! The Arroz con Pollo-inspired skillet and Bean & Vegetable soup look amazing. 

TREMG would like to thank Mesa de Vida for letting us try their sauces in exchange for a review!

(c) Madison Murray for TREMG

Renowned chef Kirsten Sandoval curated the Mesa de Vida collection inspired by her own experiences as a kidney donor and a mom hoping to help her two children with an uncommon genetic disease eat well. Her heart and passion for cooking are apparent in each bottle, bringing together a special blend of ingredients that suit all sorts of diets, from vegan to paleo. Mesa de Vida is now available at Whole Foods stores across the country – you can click here to locate your nearest store and grab a coupon to get $1 off your bottle! 

Have you tried Mesa de Vida yet? Will you be stopping by your local Whole Foods to pick some up? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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