heap of different nominal per dollars

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Los Angles, Califorinia: Resident John Reyes was contacted by various news sources after digging up massive bags of money concealed in the attic of his father-in-law’s house. Upon investigation, the bags were loaded with pennies amounting to about $2500 dollars in cash (about 1 million pennies). The bags were completely sealed as if they weren;t intended to be spent.

“My father-in-law loved to collect older pennies and perhaps sell them online in the distant future”, explained Reyes. “All of the coins were minted in copper rather than zinc as the US did not switch to zinc until the early 1980s, which would explain why [my father-in-law] collected them”. It would also explain the opaque nature behind the older models of pennies.

Mr. Reyes continues, “I’ve actually been contacted by a few coin collectors or people who specialize in this space and just based off some of the questions they asked me, for example having the lead sealed bag or having bags from banks we don’t necessarily recognize, knowing they are at least 40 years old or more. I’ve had quite a few collectors tell me that this is something that shouldn’t be sold until we know what’s going on”.

Mr. Reyes immediately put the sacks of pennies up for sale on the OfferUp website, which were quickly sold. The offer was $25000 dollars, approximately the same amount as the pennies. “The value I in the uniqueness, concludes Reyes. “We hope the unique nature of the money will at least interest somebody’s day in some way”.

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