If you’re talking about the most talented groups in K-Pop’s fourth generation, then your conversation is incomplete without talking about TRENDZ! Havit, Leon, Eunil, ra.L, Yoonwoo, Hankook, and Yechan pour their entire hearts into not only every song they release, but also every performance they’ve offered their fans since debuting in January 2022.

We had the pleasure of (digitally) meeting TRENDZ this month at their virtual fan meeting with Yale University, and we got to hear about some of our favorite songs from the boys themselves! It was such a special experience getting to “meet” the group and see how passionate they are about their music and performances, not to mention how charismatic each member is. If you want to become one of their FRIENDZ as well, here are three must-hear tracks any K-Pop fan needs on their playlist. 


Of course, we have to start with TRENDZ’s latest title track, “MY WAY!” This triumphant song will encourage you to persevere and fight for your dreams, making it the perfect track to listen to when you need a little motivation on a rough day. It sounds the same way that a ray of sunshine feels!

“Our new title, ‘MY WAY,’ is an energetic track with drum and bass sound,” ra.L explained. “We wanted to convey the message of our passion and determination of getting up again, even after falling, and continuing our own way to the very end.”


Feel like you’re constantly wading in “never-ending confusion?” TRENDZ will make you feel less alone with the alluring “VAGABOND,” which is all about shedding the darkness of the world while trying your best to push through to the light. Like “MY WAY,” it’ll empower you to pave your own path and create the kind of life you want to experience.

“The idea of the song is that we’ve already reached the ideal world that we want in our dreams, but we’re not satisfied,” Yechan shared. “We take on this idea of a ‘VAGABOND’ and keep asking yourself questions, and enter this world of chaos.”


Honestly, it’s a bit of a crime that “FOREVER MORE” doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. As the closing track of TRENDZ’s 2022 BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE mini-album, it shows off the members’ singing and rap skills so well while giving us what feels like a big, warm hug in musical form. “You don’t have to lose hope,” they promise before insisting, “I won’t let go, I won’t get tired, I won’t forget any of our moments.”

“Another song from the second album is ‘FOREVER MORE,’ and that’s a song that’s especially easy to listen to,” Eunil said. “It’s a song to listen to if you feel like you wanna be loved.”

Which of these TRENDZ songs is your favorite? Who’s your ultimate bias in the group? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

By Madison Murray
Featured Image: Courtesy of Helix Publicity

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