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Amber Alerts have been around for two decades. Since that time, more than 370 children and at-risk individuals have been located. However, some critics say African Americans are often overlooked by the notification system. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 673 into law on Sunday, making California the first state to create an alert notification system — similar to an Amber Alert — to address the crisis of missing Black children and young women. “African Americans, whether they are children or young adults, are often listed as runaways,” said California Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena). Black youth considered at-risk or with mental or physical challenges will qualify. Ebony Alerts can also use technology like roadside signs and electronic notifications.

Understanding white privilege is important in recognizing and addressing the disparities and biases that exist. It involves acknowledging the privileges that come with being white, such as easier access to education, employment opportunities, healthcare, and a generally more positive perception in society ( It also requires acknowledging the disadvantages and discrimination that people of color face due to systemic racism and societal biases ( U.K. outlet, The Daily Mail, covered the story on their website. They included screenshots of the social media commenters.

Tahyira Savanna, co-founder of For Us Nation, a non profit group based in California spoke out on their Instagram account about why this backlash is white privilege related. For Us Nation helps track and promote missing Black children whenever they get sent information. The last time, it was a missing Black child in Alabama. Most times, Black community members have no resources to find their missing. It is usually dubbed a runaway case where minimal search and rescue efforts are put forth. The backlash we see with the ebony alert is the backlash we see everytime the U.S. Government responds to Black empowerment, Black education, and Black safety. It is only because it goes against the system. A system that allows for the consistent oppression of African slave descendents.

Granting minorities more autonomy can be an important step towards addressing systemic inequalities and promoting social justice. Autonomy allows individuals from minority groups to have greater control and decision-making power over their own lives, communities, and institutions. This can be achieved through measures such as socio-political representation, economic empowerment, access to education and healthcare, and the recognition and protection of cultural rights. By giving minorities more autonomy, we can work towards dismantling the barriers that perpetuate inequality and create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

There is an epidemic revolving the missing rates of Black women. The issue of missing Black women is not new and has been a longstanding concern. For many years, Black women have been disproportionately affected by cases of missing persons and their disappearances often receive less attention and media coverage compared to other demographic groups. This disparity is often attributed to a combination of factors including racial bias, stereotypes, and systemic inequalities. It is important to continue raising awareness about this issue and advocating for more comprehensive and unbiased responses to cases involving missing Black women. Since the ending of the Civil War, there are has been countless reports of unaccounted for Black persons. Recently, there has been an uptick in the amount of lynching based killings around the United States, though most have been deemed suicide. Black people represent 13 percent of the U.S. population yet account for more than 33 percent of the nearly 550,000 people who were reported missing in our country in 2022. It is a similar story for Black women: only 7 percent of the population yet nearly 20 percent of all missing persons cases. 

It’s worth noting that discussions around white privilege can be complex, and different perspectives exist. Some may argue that the term reinforces stereotypes and creates resistance to change, while others emphasize the importance of understanding and addressing white privilege for effective social reform2. Engaging in respectful dialogue and listening to diverse voices can contribute to a better understanding of the issues surrounding white privilege and how to address them.


It’s more crabs in the barrel mentality. Why would Black Americans be upset their community is getting more attention as it relates to safety? Think about it. When it was Stop Asian Hate, laws were also passed that added protections to AAPI Americans. It wasn’t extended to let’s see, the millions marching through the streets for George Floyd.

What has happened under the Trump Presidency is that the oneness of the others, now includes the others. One year it’s “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US” and the next is “WE STAND WITH ISRAEL”. It has to make sense. Historically speaking, Black America has never had a narrator, until now. Remember pre-CIvil War era, the slave masters told the Slaves that this is what God intended for them. Why would God create slaves? There is no backlash from the Black community. The backlash is from unknown bots. The same bots that helped the Russians elect Donald Trump via fake news. It’s a kind of group thinking that the Nazis used during the Reichs. Eventually, Hitler got millions of SS officers to think the same way he did. It’s a concerted effort to make you hate your own. It’s why the white owned music industry holds up nakedness and drug dealing as “Hip Hop”. They are the same bots that sent out COVID-19 misinformation, causing chaos which led to unnecessary death. In reality, white Americans can never truly see the levels of their privilege because it is ingrained into the system. The same way the Nazis could not see the value of life for a Jewish person in the 1940s. It is not their fault that the system is this way, but they keep it this way by denying facts, observing reality, and using common sense. If you study the formation of America, you cannot skip over oppression. A group was oppressed. That group now has special attention. We always expect the backlash. It’s the tired ole “well Black people kill Black people” and none of the gun manufacturers are Black people. It’s a joke. We found some receipts just in case you need more proof.

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  1. I call BS! Mostly blacks are who is mad about this law… so sick of bs websites like this trying to divide people… sooo sick of hearing in white and entitled and the fact is I grew up worse then 90% of people and especially this pos who wrote this

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