Defending shitty hourly rates at Home Depot cannot be your rebuttal for a rich white man who does not work anymore, receiving earnings from the same workers on shitty hourly rates. The Civil War was a worker’s revolution, are we on the precipice of another major war – working class speaking? As more and more dark money enters the American political user space, Americans are asking – what can we do to stop big corporate funding of elections?

Twitter users took to the platform to share their immediate reaction to Bernie Marcus’s donation into the Donald Trump party – should the workers be concerned that their labor is funding fascism?

He stated that American cities are crime-ridden, citizens are struggling to pay for necessities, the border is wide-open and freedoms are being curtailed as “the government gets bigger and weaponized against its political opponents.” Wasn’t it Donald Trump who weaponized politics by sending his supporters to Capitol Hill on January 6th 2021?

Donald Trump is facing criminal charges for insurrection in the United States. He is continuing to hold re-election rallies when he is able too. Consumers reserve the right to divest privatized corporations such as Home Depot but what difference would it make if it the divestment will only affect the workers. Most times, when companies are losing money, they lay off workers. America is facing an unprecedented amount of volatility when it comes to protecting Democracy.

Is this how an American unfit for office – like former President Donald Trump gets in? The lines between our financial lives and our socio-political lives have been blurred. On the one hand, divesting a huge company will force middle class workers to lose their employment, on the other hand, the GOP does not cater to the middle-class worker. The rich keep getting richer and as the gap between wealth in the U.S. stretches across generational lines – thats’s 100 years of life. With current wins in the workers right revolution with WGA, Sag-Aftra, and UAW, we think there will be more social movements towards livable wages and market equity share. How does a co-founder earn so much more wealth than the people who currently work there? If a democracy is to be reflective of the views of the people and the majority of people work for those funding democracy, there will be no democracy soon enough.

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