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Just your average guy with above-average intelligence living a better than average lifestyle as an academic vagabond.
I think Classical, speak Brit, read Nerd, dress Casual, screw Perv, pray Catholic, and jam Rock.

“I’m on a mission to civilise. Progress is slow, but I’m in it for the long haul.”
-Will McAvoy, “The Newsroom” s01e04

America’s Doom-ocracy

It is now two weeks since the “first Tuesday after the first Monday of November”, and America is still grappling with the results of the election.It’s surprising to witness the “confusion”. After all… if America, as the patron of democracy can’t keep its own house in order, what message does that send to the rest…

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The Trump Electoral Calculus

Tomorrow the American electorate heads to the polls to decide whether to keep its 45th president, or to elect its 46th. This comes at a time when the country is deeply polarised, due in no small part to the current occupant of the White House. Donald Trump is a controversial figure, one who elicits strong…

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Oh For COV’s Sake?!?

The last 36 hours have been dicey in American politics. The news that President Trump, the First Lady, and members of the White House tested positive for COVID-19 has added another layer of uncertainty to an already tenuous election season. But let’s put things in perspective. If America (and the world) woke up Friday morning…

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Remembering George Floyd

(Note: With the nation’s attention on Breonna Taylor, I thought it necessary to write about George Floyd. The title is not meant to imply that he has been forgotten. This is meant to keep his name, and the memory of what happened to him, in the public domain.) “The shot heard round the world” refers…

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The American Precedent

One of America’s most cherished political tenets is that no individual can serve as President for more than two terms. But this was only codified with the passing of the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution in 1947. Before then there were no limits; an individual could serve as many terms as long as they were…

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American In Name Only

I was born on a former British colony. My primary and secondary schools used a British curriculum. I attended a tertiary institution in the United Kingdom. I am also an unabashed Anglophile. And yet, despite all those facets of my life, I knew I always wanted to live in America; to one day become an…

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Tough Beans: The Goya Boycott

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue found himself in the centre of a spicy debate over his recent praise of President Trump. Immediately after his controversial comments, which were made during a trip to the White House, social media erupted in outrage as users and influencers called for a boycott of his company’s products using the…

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The American Experiment

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in a speech at the Hoover Institution in 1991, exalted the uniqueness of American society. She said, “No other nation has so successfully combined people of different races and nations within a single culture.” In comparison, she admitted that, “The European nations are not and can never be like…

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The Big C

Cancer – it’s one of the few words that can induce an instant feeling of terror. The ever-increasing number of diagnoses made with every passing year has secured its position as a scourge of contemporary civilisation. On a daily basis we come across new information about possible causes, preventative foods, and the studies and research…

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Up in Smoke: Legalising Marijuana

I’ve never smoked marijuana. Yes, I’ve seen others use it and have been pressured to try it. But the desire to experience its mood-altering effects just never appealed to me. The only stimulant I indulge in is coffee, a consumable that’s just as addictive and, if Starbucks is your “dealer”, could be just as expensive.…

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Check Yourself, How UK Tv Show ‘Desmond’s’ Portrayed Black Immigrant Life In The 90’s

There was a sitcom that aired in the United Kingdom from 1989 to 1994 titled Desmond’s. It featured a predominantly black British Guyanese cast and was set in a London barber shop. It provided insights into black family life as well as the immigrant experience. One of the more interesting aspects of the programme was…

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How I got to Juneteenth.

Since this is my first entry, I thought it would be a capital idea to comment on something that’s in the news and personalise it for a touch of flair. So, to start with, I have an confession to make – I didn’t know what the Juneteenth celebration was until a few months ago. Before…

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