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I keep writing bits and pieces, leave a story unfinished, unpolished by man, a woman at her best. I believe this to be a metaphor, and a good one at that. I’m being rewritten at the dome, reconstructed by the bell, become a narrative unfinished at the workings of God, polishing my beauty with grace.…

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The Endgame

I’m sitting on the couch with my legs spread wide open, arching my back, biting my lip, drawing his eyes to that area between my legs, the one he can’t resist. He bites down on his tongue from moaning, beads of sweat appearing just above his brow. I watch his Adam’s apple move as he…

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That Retail Life

I worked in retail. There. I said it. I worked in retail for about twenty years. In those years I learned quite a lot about the human race. Not great stuff. So when people are wondering why we can’t all wear a mask when we leave the house, for just a few weeks, to get…

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Sucks To Suck Bro!

But wait, cancer isn’t my fault you might say. “Die in a fire or give us six digits in medical bills” is effectively their reply. You are now in a position, where that which is not your fault is held against you at maximum penalty. You didn’t know? “Suck to suck” is the canned reply.

"sucks to suck buckarooni"

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