Energy is absolutely mesmerizing. Scientifically, the first law of thermodynamics explains that energy can not be created or destroyed, and that energy is only capable of being transfered. A simple example of this complex idea is the ecological pyramid. However, the implications of this law are astounding. This means that the energy from every human or organism that has seemingly “died” is preserved. The body may be dead and consciousness may not exist, but the very essence of every organism, from the beginning of time until now, still exists and always will exist. 

This is perhaps the greatest evidence there is for the theory of reincarnation. Scientifically, energetic reincarnation is proven. 

With that being said, there is much more to be stated regarding energy. The first law of thermodynamics, as well as its implications, are merely the tip of the iceberg. The body itself, while alive, gives off energy. Energy is also given off in the form of emotions. Emotion as a matter of fact is a form of energy. The Latin root for the word emotion, “emotere”, translates to “energy in motion”. 

The energy in which individuals give off is not always positive. If one is mad or stressed, or even “destressing”, the energy that will come off of said individual will be negative.

 Have you ever heard of a bad vibe? They are scientifically proven. Emotions remain in places they are left. This concept is referred to as “emotional residue”. Remember, energy is only capable of being transfered. It is possible for energy to transform from negative to positive, but that is only after said negative energy is absorbed into the energy form known as the body. 

Everything in this world is energy. Everything. All thoughts are energy. All creations are energy. Therefore, if energy is utilized properly, anything is possible. The power of positive thinking is absolutely real, and absolutely powerful. 

A plethora of studies have been conducted pertaining to the concept of positive thinking and it’s subsequent effects. A universal conclusion has been drawn from each of them: positive thinking causes positive results. People who are positive are less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors, have reduced anxiety, have improved immune systems, and much more. It makes sense. Everything that has ever been created by humans has come from the brain, even the naming of the brain itself originated in the brain. If one can harness the powers of the brain, and make it think positive, positive results are certain. 

To the contrary, negative thoughts are also certain to lead to negative outcomes. We as humans create our own reality. As I stated previously, every aspect of the manmade world originated in the mind. Our reality is created from thoughts. Why would anyone want their thoughts to be negative? 

While there are plenty of factors that may affect thoughts, at the end of the day, the only individual or thing truly in control of their own thoughts is oneself . While you may not be able to choose your emotions, you do indeed choose what to do with them. If sadness, or any emotion for that matter, enters one’s body, it is the choice of that person to eliminate it, or to allow it to take over their thoughts and behaviors. 

There is one final piece of energy that must be addressed. It is Issac Newton’s third law of motion. The law states that every action must have an equal opposite reaction. However, until recently, the implications of this rule were not properly understood. 

Since all things are indeed energy, everything that occurs also occurs inversely. Scientifically, this is referred to as Quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement expands upon Newton’s ideas, and states that whenever multiple particles are paired or grouped, anything that occurs to one particle occurs to the other inversely. Additionally, Quantum entanglement states that these reactions occur instantaneously, no matter how far apart the particles are from one another. 

If you add all of the above ideas together, you come up with something along the lines of this: Everything is energy, and everything is also connected. This may seem miniscule, but truly think about that for a moment. 

Remember the laws associated with energy. Nothing can neither be destroyed or created. Every action has equal, opposite reactions. When someone is born, someone dies. When someone becomes rich, someone becomes poor. When someone jumps, someone falls. Rules pertaining to energy are also applicable to life,  because remember, all things are energy. 

There are an infinite amount of examples associated with all of these ideas, but this article is merely meant to inform the reader of such ideas. In short, be careful with the energy you interact with. Energy is powerful.

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