Jun 10, 2020; Martinsville, VA, USA; NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace wears a Black Lives Matter shirt as he prepares for the NASCAR Cup Series at Martinsville at Martinsville Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Steve Helber/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Network ORIG FILE ID: 20200610_gma_usa_007.jpg

After the heats on NASCAR and it’s driver Bubba Wallace, concerning the incident of the Noose in the garage stall of the top-ranking Cup Series ‘only African American driver’ it has been announced that there is no target of a hate crime. The history of Noose and the Confederate flag has spanned for more than 70 years linking to slavery, lynching, racism, hatred, and profane or bigotry. The history of Noose found in the garage was the dirtiest of act toward freedom of mankind

The Brief History of Noose And Why It is A Symbol of Lynching.
The Noose is a symbol linked to the lynching (a term for a punishment without trial) of African-Americans by white mobs following the Civil War. Most lynchings took place in the southern states where NASCAR is currently situated today. White supremacists made this the America darkest history of racial violence. In the 1990s, lynching wasn’t perceived as a crime, or murder of lives rather an extrajudicial killing i.e. killing by governmental authorities or without the sanction. Also, The Ku Klux Klan conducted executions with the ‘Noose’ in front of a public audience. As such the Noose has been seen as a symbol of death. Over 4,700 people have been lynched in the US between 1882 and 1968 according to NAACP.

The History of Slavery with Confederate Flag

During the growth of the American Civil War, 11 States withdraw from the United States, forming the Confederate States of America. During the 1860s, the Confederates fought the war primarily to maintain a Southern society to continue slavery for a very long time. However, the Northern soldiers fought against it, and by 1865, slavery was abolished and the Confederates states ceased to existed.

Since then, Black lives have been severed and battered and it is sad this is still in our society as many blacks are currently protesting to regain their freedom long lost. Wallace, NASCAR’s only Black driver is among other activists and has successfully advocated for Black Lives Matters. He brought down the Confederates flag and the symbolic Noose at NASCAR that is against Black lives and in support of slavery.

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