Hippiepotamus Jewelry

Aliyah Burford is a 15 year old Black Queen Libra out of the DMV already setting a standard and name for herself. At such a young age Aliyah has created a Black owned business making homemade jewelry pieces. In this interview learn where jewelry originated, her favorite piece, and some advice. Aliyah is also donating 20% of all her profits to all local BLM organizations. Let’s support this Queen who is making an effort to give back and support the Black community! We need more people with this mindset and are lucky and thankful for young sis!

Q: What difference do you think handmade jewelry makes opposed to industrialized jewelry?

A: The handmade jewelry is better quality and has more thought put into each individual one. The homemade jewelry is also better for the environment.

Q: How do you think jewelry can positively influence Black people?

A: The jewelry can positively influence Black people by allowing them to embrace their culture since jewelry originated in Egypt.

Q: Which piece of jewelry that you crated is your favorite so far?

A: My favorite piece is the rainbow peace sign bracelet that I always wear.

Q: Any advice for someone trying to start up their own Black business?

A: My advice for them would be to make something unique that represents them, but, also, something that people would like as well.

Q: With it being the last day of Pride month, any messages to members of the LGBTQIA+ community?

A: I am not a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I want everyone [in the community] to know they have more people that support them than haters.

Support! Support! Support!

Instagram: hippiepotamus.jewelry (where you can order)

Facebook: Aliyah Burford

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