Are you noticing good feeling energy moving in your body when thinking thoughts that feel good? Are you thinking good feeling thoughts for the pleasure and fun of doing so? If yes, you are experiencing initial evidence of your empowerment. You are proving to yourself that you do not have to think something someone else tried to get you to think by choosing for yourself the thoughts you are thinking. All too often, others say things to you that let you know they are trying to get you to feel bad about yourself, or to feel diminished, or less than, or not enough.

Choosing to think good feeling thoughts, you are using often overlooked evidence of your personal power to change yourself and your world. In so doing, you are changing the way everyone in the world responds to you regardless of how they view you. Changing from thinking thoughts that feel bad to thinking good feeling thoughts continually, you are changing your inner nature. I want you to understand everyone is always responding to your inner nature. Your inner nature is the only thing you have to change if you want your world to change.

Perhaps you’re  asking, “I want my world to change?” Let me explain what I mean. When others are treating you badly, or not respecting you, blaming you for how their lives are going or accusing you of something, this is evidence of a world you want to change. If you feel you have to walk on egg shells, watch what you say to or around others, or you fear someone would put their own meaning to what you say, this is a world you want to change. If you feel disrespected or humiliated – a world you want to change.

Others blame you because you have felt blamed. This means you are thinking in the consciousness of blame. We are always thinking in one or another state of consciousness every single moment of the day and night. Because there are infinite states, you are free to think from any state at any time. A problem in noticing you are blamed for something is this. You react immediately to that thought, and you argue with the person, or with yourself about it because you don’t like the feeling. .

Reacting to the thought of blame, you are thinking and feeling in the consciousness of blame. It’s as though you are living in that state. It is only when you realize you are in a “state” you do not want to be in that you can “move” into a different state. This is evidence of your empowerment. You are aware of your power, using it.

Aware of being in a state you don’t want, you are automatically empowered to choose from the infinite states of consciousness, all of which are always available to you. You have but to name the state and in ways beyond what I know, the state “rises” up for you. Feeling blamed, you might want to feel innocent. Feeling you are innocent is a natural state of consciousness. No matter what you had done that others took as “blameful”, you did what you did because you were in the state of blame. It is natural to do what the state you are occupying means. Being in a state of innocence, you are innocent. However, you have to believe you are innocent.

To believe you are innocent, change your inner nature to that of innocence, and others have to respond to your innocence. To change your inner nature to that of innocence, tell yourself repeatedly, “I am innocent,” until it becomes your habit of identifying yourself. It’s not about telling others you are innocent because they do not hear you when they are in the state of blaming. They can, however, perceive your inner nature of innocence. They are responding to the vibrations of innocence unwittingly. Often I have seen confusion on the faces of those responding to me.

I consider myself the scientist of my own life and am persistently experimenting with my thoughts and feelings, changing my inner nature. This is an ongoing thing for me. Why am I doing this? After starting my self-directed training in quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics and neuroplasticity a few years ago, I found out thoughts I am thinking affect my health and wellbeing by producing chemicals in the body. The chemicals in the body are either high-quality or toxic.

With good feeling thoughts I am producing high-quality chemicals. With thoughts that feel bad, I am producing toxic chemicals that make me feel bad physically and emotionally. Toxic chemicals make people sick, others and myself. I realize when I feel good about myself, others feel chemical changes in their body because they’re unwittingly producing better-quality chemicals. Asking, “How is this happening?” In my understanding of quantum physics, it is because we are all connected to one another. But more, I realize I am constantly feeling vibrations others transmit. It is likely you feel the “vibes” of those around you. Chances are, when you walk into a room where folks were arguing where you feel the vibes, whether they are present or not. Something feels wrong in that room, and you feel “down” just by walking into the room. The energy of the argument lingers in the walls and furniture as well as in the carpet or wood beneath your feet.

Aware of vibrations you are feeling, you are ready to use your personal power of thought to change yourself and your world. You are ready to change the way the people in your world respond to you. Further, in your awareness, you know the others are innocent, just as you are innocent. Whether you are thinking of those who had been arguing, or those blaming you for something, you realize they are innocent because they are living in the state in which arguments or blaming is the native language. Realizing we think only from the state of consciousness we are in the moment occupying, we know by changing our focus, we are calibrating a new state. Conceiving others as innocent, they respond to us in their innocence.

In my inaugural post on this board, I asked you to think about your wonderful and magnificent self-healing body and notice how that thought feels. I am now asking you to identify yourself as innocent and feel how the thought of innocence feels in the body. Feel how the thought of innocence feels when you are in the presence of others. I want you to understand this. Identifying yourself as innocent, you produce high-quality chemicals in your wonderfully magnificent self-healing body. You are by producing high-quality chemicals in the body, assuring the health and wellbeing of your physical body. In this way you have more evidence of your empowerment.

The more you identify yourself and others as innocent, you change the nature of your relationships with them significantly. I am having fun experimenting with the thoughts of innocence. While generating feelings of innocence, I am focusing on just one person at a time, contemplating their innocence because of the nature of  state in which that one is thinking. Yet I’m receiving feedback from others who are coming before me. The feedback I’m receiving is a softness that makes my heart sing with the warmth of gratitude and joy, fostering my mood of accomplishment.

I am feeling inspired, appreciating the one I had chosen to see as innocent because I am accomplishing the feeling of mutual innocence and forgiveness. I realize I am seeing both of us as innocent, each of us forgiven for judging each other. Please be aware of the persistent practice it takes to reach the feeling mutual innocence and mutual forgiveness, especially in the face of long term hostility or hatred. I made the decision to accomplish the feeling of mutual innocence and mutual forgiveness because I prefer to produce high-quality chemicals that assure my personal health and wellbeing. Further, I would rather contribute to the health and wellbeing of any with whom I am connected. Don’t you just love this kind of power?

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