Salad Can Be Satisfying

I never used to eat salad because I don’t like lettuce. I don’t like butter, iceberg or romaine, the typical bases of salads. However, I recently discovered arugula and this changed the game or me. Finding a leafy green that you enjoy is the first step to enjoying salad. This could be lettuce, arugula, spinach or a variety of spring mixes.

The next step is to find a protein that you like. Add shrimp, salmon, chicken, tofu or beans to bulk up a salad so it doesn’t feel like rabbit food.

Add a variety of different vegetables to your salad for color and flavor. Great additions are cucumbers, carrots or tomatoes. Vegetables provide fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals.

Pictured: arugula, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, olives, raisins, cashews, and tahini dressing.

For healthy fats, I always add black olives or avocado to my salads. Adding fat to a salad promotes satiety which won’t leave you feeling hungry 20 minutes later.

To mix it up even more, I love adding nuts as well. I normally add walnuts, pecans or sunflower seeds. Adding nuts provides healthy fats and a crunch.

I like to add fruit like strawberries, raisins or apples for sweetness. This is not for everyone, but adding fruit switches up a salad to make it feel fresh.

The last step is to dress the salad. Most store-bought salad dressings can contain a lot of excess sugar and fat. To avoid this, I like to make my own. I will use tahini, or drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Adding a dressing really makes a salad feel uniform and adds extra flavor.

Salad doesn’t have to be diet food. It can be a full, satisfying meal. It’s an easy way to eat a bunch of veggies while incorporating healthy fats. I now embrace eating salads without feeling like I’m depriving myself.

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